Truth Tracker (February 01-15, 2018)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. Plight of blasphemy accused inmates turning serious in Pakistani jails amid delayed trials
  2. Mourning the Missing Sons
  3. In KP, stigma attached to mental health disorders keep women from seeking help

Promise Tracking:

  1. PML-N compromises its promise to increase education budget to 4% of GDP
  2. PTI’s promise of providing basic facilities to schools stands compromised
  3. PPP breaks its promise of introducing language reforms

TT leakes:

  1. TT Leaks 1st Feb 2018

Media Tracker:

  1. Media Tracker – 1st February 2018


  1. Munnu Bhai (Munir Ahmed Qureshi), 84. Lahore
  2. Ustad Nazar-e-Hussain, 80+, Lahore

Photo Gallery:

  1. The sweet affair


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