Ustad Nazar-e-Hussain, 80+, Lahore

A mighty musician, Ustad Nazar-e-Hussain was a legend in his right. Gifted with a soulful voice, the Ustad’s semi classical compositions were his forte.

His style was unique. Truly methodical and meticulous in his craft, he was the most sought after composer in the heydays of Pakistani music. Famous singers like Bilqees Khanum and Madam Noor Jahan, Mehdi Hassan among many others, got accolades for carrying his compositions with precision.

Ustad Nazar was veteran broadcaster with radio Pakistan and also worked for Pakistan Television. He began his career from Hyderabad and was moved to Lahore’s Central Production Unit, CPU, Radio station in the 1980s. His earliest claim for fame was his Sarodh playing (a dying instrument in Pakistan) which he gave up eventually to compose works of music.

The complexity of his music lent his compositions an air of authenticity and popularity. His famous renditions are still alive among music connoisseurs, i.e., Kis Ke Anchal Ki Hawa Le Ke Bahaar Aai Hai, Phool Mehke Hain Tou Khushbu-e-Bahar Aai Hai, lutf wo ishq me paee, kuch din to baso meri aankhon me, hum nakhat-o-gul hen, raat pheli. Later in life, he composed for international musicians like Hari Haran.

Son of Fateh Ali Khan, known as Phattu Khan, Ustad Nazar was a disciple of Sultani sahib Peshawari, and Ustaad Tawakul Khan in vocals. He learnt Surodh from Bhai Naher, father of legendary composer Tuffail Farooqui.

Battling with cancer of the lungs, Ustad Nazar met his maker on 22nd of January.

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