End of Time

The end of the world is a subject that has scholars pondering across the world. Scientific research has devoted their time to the signs of apocalypse. A recent scientific research quoted numerous signs of apocalypse as asteroids impact, expansion of the sun, solar flares and, bursts from gamma rays, etc. The leaders of the world may carry on their debates on the veracity of climate change, but it is also significant to study if human actions are exacerbating their own annihilation.

The recent decade has seen an unprecedented rise in wars with a substantial human toll. Still the warmongers are convinced that peace is achievable through war. Humanity is still to learn from its history. Only last year 31.1 million people suffered internal displacements due to conflict, violence and disasters. This is equivalent of one person being forced to flee every second.

Nationally, divisive politics and human greed caused bloodbaths in the month of Ramzan. The tragedy of Parachinar, Balochistan and the unfortunate fate of hundreds at Bahawalpur has left Pakistani Muslims with little to celebrate this Eid. These tragedies also raised important questions about our national values, and the social moral fiber of the citizen and leaders.

While nature presents a perfect harmony between its species for life, humanity has taken the law of the jungle quite literally. The primordial desire is for the survival of the fittest by any means possible. Both at home and world over politicisation of belief wreaks havoc on humanity and the planet. Pacifying gluttony has had its cost: whether for countries rich in fossil oils or for those trying to steal spilled oil on the road. One only hopes that the human cost teaches us to be aware of our responsibilities.

The technological advancements in war machinery has promised enemy losses at a breakneck speed. These have also ensured losses to life and environment at a pace unimaginable. Hence while the end of the world is often calculated, we usually desist from detailing the pace at which we are trying to annihilate our planet.

In case of Parachinar and the rest of the world, where religious faultlines widen, the hatred and mistrust of the other may very well hasten the end. Death of hundreds cannot be determined as triumph. It is up to us to determine whether we choose between an ecclesiastical or celestial Armageddon.

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