Truth Tracker (January 16-31, 2018)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. Considerable efforts begin to repair Pak-US recently damaged ties
  2. Swat’s disable population suffers the absence of state-owned rehabilitation centers
  3. In KP, community finds DRCs useful but judicial experts remain skeptical
  4. In conservative KP, dedicated desks at model police station help women access justice
  5. Wonder Lady of Village

Promise Tracking:

  1. PML-N breaks its promise of bringing Civil Service Reforms
  2. PPP’s promise about green economy framework stands compromised
  3. Sindh Consumers await the promised Consumer Protection Act since 2014

Truth Tracker leakes:

  1. Truth Tracker Leaks 16 Jan 2018

Tech Tracker:

  1. Tech Tracker 16-01-2018

Media Tracker:

  1. Media Tracker – 16th January 2018


  1. Air Marshal retired Asghar Khan, 96, Rawalpindi.
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