Truth Tracker (September 01-15, 2017)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. Sharif’s accusation jeopardizes civil-military relationship
  2. Lahore sees female head of police station after 15 years
  3. In absence of RTI Law, PATA and FATA remain information blackholes
  4. In Swat, authorities register smuggled vehicles for fear of use in terrorism
  5. Life tough but returning back to normalcy in former Taliban stronghold
  6. In absence of Swat jail, human misery and the cost of judicial processes multiply

Promise Tracking:

  1. PTI promise to computerize land/ revenue records stands compromised
  2. PTI’s promise of Peshawar food streets stands broken
  3. Public libraries remain neglected as government tenure nears an end
Previous Pak-US cooperation in Afghanistan is indispensable
Next PML-N promise that all institutions will work under federal cabinet stands broken