The US is responsible for deteriorating law and order in Karachi – Dr A Q Khan


Pakistan’s chief nuclear scientist and chairman of Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Pakistan (Movement for the Protection of Pakistan), Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, said in a statement that the “United States of America is responsible for the worst law and order situation of Karachi.”


Karachi is one of the most important cities and an economic hub of Pakistan. The law and order situation in Karachi has been a serious problem for decades. Political parties like Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which has a long history in Pakistan’s “City of Lights”, and Pakistan Peoples’ Party, and the Awami National Party are considered the major stake holders in Karachi.


Truth Tracker tried to contact Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan regarding evidence for his claim that the United States of America is responsible for the deteriorating law and order situation in Karachi, but Dr. Khan didn’t respond.


Mubashir Farooq, a security analyst, told Truth Tracker via phone, “Blaming the USA for deteriorating  law and order in Karachi, without giving any credible evidence, is childish and very serious.” He further said, “Mr. Khan is aware of the people responsible for the deteriorating peace in Karachi, but he doesn’t want to blame them because he is in good books of that specific party.”

“It is true that the USA and other countries are active in Pakistan due to the war against terrorism, but it has nothing to do with the Karachi situation. In fact, political parties and their militant wings are at war against each other in land grabbing, extortion, kidnapping for ransom, war of political hegemony in Karachi, political killings and other illegal activities. It is all about war among political parties to control the black budget of Karachi,” said Farooq.  The so-called “black budget” includes extortion and other illegal activities such as illegal pay-offs taken for everything from parking to medical care.

He concluded that although a Rangers [a Pakistani state security force] operation was ongoing on in Karachi, “the fact of the matter is that the Sindh Government and the Federal Government of Pakistan are not serious about bringing peace to this city,” he said. “Moreover, it has nothing to do with United States of America.”

Prosecutor General Sindh Sahadat Awan told Truth Tracker, “Before blaming anyone we should keep in mind that there are 33,665 absconders roaming around in the city who committed heinous crimes and have never been arrested. Among the 33,665, there are 1,486 absconders who were involved in terrorism,” said Awan, who said he also gave such a report to the Supreme Court of Pakistan in its last hearing of a Karachi law and order case.

He said that there are 4,773 absconders in Karachi South,  5,689 in Karachi central, 14,240 in Malir,  4,450 in East and 4,550 absconders belong to Karachi West.  In Sindh Province, there are 110,000 absconders who are roaming freely without any fear, said Awan. He said, the “National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) given by former President Pervaiz Musharaf had benefited 12,734 absconders.”

Director General of the Sindh Rangers, Rizwan Akhtar, told the Supreme Court on August 29, 2013, during hearing of a suo moto notice over law and order in Karachi, that armed factions of political parties were responsible for Karachi’s deteriorating law and order situation. In the same hearing,  Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaurdry observed, “Provincial and Federal Government were responsible of the bloodshed in Karachi.”


In light of the above-mentioned statements and facts, Truth Tracker deduced that Karachi’s law and order situation was created by local militant groups and has nothing to do with the US.  Thus, Khan’s statement is a political gimmick and stands false.

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