PML-N compromises its promise about Kashmir


Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) has promised in its 2013 manifesto that when in power the government would make special efforts to resolve the issue of Jammu and Kashmir, in accordance with the provisions of the relevant UN resolutions.


Kashmir has been at the roots of two large-scale wars and one limited conflict between India and Pakistan since the August 1947 partition.  Both the countries came head-on over the Kashmir issue in the 1990s when the second phase of the freedom movement in the Indian Held Kashmir began. India has always accused Pakistan of supporting freedom fighters in Kashmir. Though Pakistan does not deny its support to the Kashmiri freedom fighters, it, however, relents India’s claim of spreading militancy in the region.  Pakistan has been persuading India to resolve the Kashmir issue according to United Nations (UN) resolutions, but India is averse to any third party mediation.  On another occasion India also back out of having any negotiation on Kashmir with Pakistan.  Not to forget that it was India that had initially taken the Kashmir issue to the UN.  When India draws claim at Kashmir unilaterally, it too backtracks on its commitment to the UN resolution of granting the Kashmiris the right to self–determination. Pakistan has been raising its voice about India’s atrocities on Kashmiris to galvanize the international community towards the issue.

It is this faceless protest by both India and Pakistan that has encouraged the new and young leaders to realign the Kashmir cause. The willingness of the Kashmiris to face the State’s aggression in the aftermath of Burhan Wani’s assassination is a reminder that India’s occupation of Kashmir is unacceptable to its inhabitants.  Putting tremendous forces with the arbitrary power to quash nationalist cum separatist sentiments has only fuelled aggression against Indian policies on Kashmir. The seed of hatred against Indian prosecution of the Kashmiris has its saplings sprouted all over India. In the new awakening marking Indian political landscape, there is a strong suggestion of finding a political solution to the Kashmir issue.  In the leading Indian cities, protests were held to persuade India to disembark from its headstrong attitude towards Kashmir where human rights are being violated without restraint. Every pellet that blinds a Kashmiri sharpens his vision to get Kashmir back from the clutches of its artificial rulers. It is flawed to think that, a movement can be suppressed by rendering the fighters, incapacitated.  It would only invigorate the sentiments. India needs to understand that today’s Kashmir is not being dictated by cross-border interventions.  It is not terrorism per se, of which it is trying to find a solution from the Pakistan government. With the violation of human rights, including rape, assassination, abduction, mass killing, extended curfews, India is only painting itself a shame to democracy.


Promise Tracking

The former adviser of the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, on foreign affairs, Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan had been actively pursuing the Kashmir cause. In the recently concluded annual General Assembly session the permanent representative of Pakistan at the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi, exposed India’s brutality and acts of terrorism in Indian Held Kashmir. He also informed that Pakistan had formed a special delegation, which was sent to different countries to align the international community with Pakistan’s perspective on the Kashmir Issue.

Shirin Mazari, MNA from Tehreek-e-Insaaf Pakistan criticized the Foreign Office of Pakistan for not fulfilling its responsibilities concerning Kashmir cause. She said the FO had a tunnel vision towards the Kashmir issue. She also took to task the Kashmir committee for its inaction and unproductive role over many years.  “India was the one to take the issue originally to the United Nations, so they cannot claim it to be solved by Pakistan and India.”  Pakistan she said should have taken up this line of argument at the UN.

Former prime minister of Azad (Pakistani) Jammu Kashmir from Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Malick Muhammad Nawaz said that the PML-N had been making tall claims without taking a serious interest in the Kashmir issue. He said while the Kashmiris in IHK were being slaughtered at the hands of the Indian, PML-N leadership was bolstering business and personal relations with Indian businessmen.

Expert’s opinion

Hassan Askari, the Defence Analyst, said that improvement of India-Pakistan relations and the resolution of the Kashmir conflict would strengthen Pakistan’s role in the on-going US efforts to eliminate extremism and terrorism in Afghanistan and stabilize the region.  He argued that the resolution to the Kashmir issue is vital because Pakistan’s political right and Islamic elements taking advantage of the worsening relations between India and Pakistan over Kashmir starts blaming India for being a more significant threat for the region than the Taliban.  These groups, operating in mainland Pakistan, mobilize public support for their agenda using stalemate on Kashmir.  “If the relationship improves between India and Pakistan these groups would automatically become irrelevant,” said Askari.


PML-N has not been proactive in solving the Kashmir cause according to the UN resolutions. Whatever effort has been taken was under duress and pressure of the public.  Though activity to resolve Kashmir cause has been going off and on, in the real we can only say that the promise has been compromised.

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