Media must return to its public service mission

As shock waves continue to reverberate across the planet in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the U.S., it has also become ever more apparent that journalism everywhere is in a sorry state of affairs. It seems that the public service aspect of journalism has vanished and the news media’s role as watchdog and holding public officials accountable has disappeared with it.

For this reason, I am particularly thrilled to present the second edition of TruthTracker magazine – the only publication in Pakistan dedicated to fact-checking issues of importance to Pakistanis both at home and abroad. Never before has there been such a need for this type of reporting as we witness changes and upheavals in many countries across the globe and I am both honored and humbled to be working with our impressive team in Pakistan so that we can write and investigate these stories and return to our role as watchdog.

My wish is only that we could do more such reporting – not just in Pakistan but around the world. For if we are to improve the lives of those around us we must have access to reliable and fact-based information and news. Our journalists must not fear asking tough questions and seeking and relaying information that some may not like – but this is our job and if we report responsibly perhaps in time we will regain the trust of our audiences. And reporting responsibly means ensuring our stories provide a variety of perspectives and viewpoints and are based on facts rather than rumours or opinion.

Media organizations around the world must return to journalism’s public service mission and provide true, accurate information to our public. Public service is, after all, at the very core of solid journalism. At TruthTracker we believe in this mission and we strive to serve our public’s thirst for reliable information with each and every story that we follow, track and report. You are the reason Truth Tracker exists.

We also hope that you, our readers, will reach out to us if you have tips, questions or story ideas. You can contact us via email at:

In the meantime, please enjoy the latest edition of TruthTracker and let us know what you think.

Happy reading!

Michelle Betz

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