Imran Khan is Visiting Donald Trump: Hold your Horses

Pakistan is a blessed country with amazing natural resources. The geostrategic location and nuclear capability have enhanced the status of Pakistan in the comity of nations. The present PTI government is trying its best to make people realize from all walks of life, to pay taxes in the best interest of the country. Imran Khan introduced amnesty scheme just to catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. The government is facing strikes and economic crises at home and Prime Minister Imran Khan is going on a maiden official visit to the U.S. from July 21to July 23. Donald Trump will meet Pakistan PM on July 22. It will be an interesting situation as the first time in the history of Pakistan politics, the leader is confident as being a nuclear state’s head as well as a celebrity. IK is a popular sportsman and a well-known personality in the U.S.  The body language of the leader matters a lot. IK is very well groomed in this domain. Here is a brief comparison between the Pakistani premier and the U.S. president:

  • Pakistan PM and the U.S. President both are enjoying their first terms in office as the head of the government.
  • Both are very powerful and has the courage to talk about national interests.
  • Both have the capacity to take bold decisions.
  • Pakistan PM is enjoying good relations with the military while the U.S. president is shirking in that domain.
  • Pakistan PM is respected in the world as a great sportsman and known as an honest man while the U.S. president is a known shrewd businessman.
  • Pakistan PM is respected in the world over as a defender of human rights since he released the Indian pilot in March this year for intruding into the Pakistani boundary. On the other hand, the U.S. president is shied for killing people in Afghanistan, Syria and other parts of the world.
  • The Pakistan PM is graduated with political science, economics and philosophy from Oxford and Trump is graduate in economics from Wharton School.
  • Both Imran Khan and Donald Trump assumed power in their old age 65 and 71 respectively.
  • Imran Khan became the prime minister from the platform of his own party Tehrik-i-Insaaf while Trump was the candidate of traditional party Republican in the U.S.
  • Both have aggressive idiosyncrasy.

Therefore, we need to hold our horses. The first time a Pakistani PM would talk to the U.S. president with an eye to eye contact. There is no doubt on the capabilities of IK, still, we believe that he must be vigilant to respond the nicking questions from the U.S. press on Pakistan’s relations with Afghanistan, KSA, India, Iran, Russia and its role in CPEC. IK may face questions on controlling extremism in Pakistan too.

The PM has to be very much formal and diplomatic in addressing to any press conference in the U.S. IK may face few paid journalists in the press conferences. He has to be ready for such idiotic persons. After the Maryam Leaks at home IK can be asked about the status of judiciary in Pakistan. IK has to be very scrupulous in answering the media. He may say that Pakistan is in the process of a renaissance with new leadership, that has zero tolerance for corruption. We are resolving our horizontal (lacuna between haves and have-nots) and vertical (linguistic, ideological, provincial, ethnic and gender) cleavages for a New Pakistan. we need support from the civilized world as we are a defender of human rights in Pakistan and as a great gesture of humanity, released the Indian pilot in March this year. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear power and has the ability to resist any intruder to get escaped unscathed. On the question of extremism, the PM has to be smarter and must be very confident in responding. He must say, extremism is a very relevant concept, we can see extremist everywhere around us, either they are killing people in universities of the U.S., or in the mosques of New Zealand, we have to be very careful and Pakistan is making strict laws against any such elements which may damage any country. National Action Plan and the National Counter Terrorism Authority are the pragmatic responses to counter extremism in Pakistan. It is a global village we are as a community and sharing the same planet. We need to be more proactive in integrating peoples of the world instead of indulging in war exercises. War wins nothing but breeds hatred.

Pakistan Iran relations are very much important for the region. Pakistan has to be straight forward that we have to adopt such policies which are in the best interests of the country. Therefore, we need to reconcile between rival states to avoid adventurism in the region. The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia and Pakistan are great friends along with our friends in the United Arb Emirates. We need to sit together and resolve our affairs independently instead of pursuing the interests of the arms industry. We need to realize the U.S. status as a superpower and we appreciate it. It is the twenty-first century and reciprocating respect for each other is the only way out in living in international politics in a dignified manner. We need not ask for any economic or military assistance from the U.S. but must emphasize on trade and exchange programs. Pakistan has to realize the U.S. that Pakistan has been a front line state against terrorism and lost almost 60000 innocent people along with 120 billion U.S. dollar economic loss during the war against terrorism. The U.S. lost a total of 3000 people in 9/11 attacks and we lost 20 times more innocent people in the wake of the war on terrorism. Thus, we need to emphasize, we learned from war on terrorism, there is nothing good in the war so the US and Iran have to settle their affairs with peaceful negotiations and Pakistan can help in arranging talks or dialogue between Iran and the U.S. before it became a cloud on the horizon.

Pakistan is the only country in the world that hosted almost six million refugees from Afghanistan after the Russian intervention in Afghanistan in 1979. There are still more than three million refugees in Pakistan which are consuming a significant chunk of Pakistan’s economy. Pakistan has been a mediator between Afghanistan and Russia and now between the U.S. and Afghanistan. We believe in supporting our neighbors whenever they need us. We believe in a democratically elected government in Afghanistan. We are ready to assist the U.S. government if they are facing any difficulty in Afghanistan. Pakistan needs a peaceful Afghanistan for a better and prosperous region.

Pakistan China ties are the most important in sustaining Pakistan economy. The CPEC and Belt and Road Initiative are not only for the regional economic prosperity but it is a global project going to assist almost 62 countries in the region. We know that U.S.-China relations are also based on protecting national interests. So we also believe in protecting our national interests even in all severe circumstances in the surroundings.

India Pakistan relations are very much important for a peaceful region and Pakistan is showing all diplomatic gestures to make the region peaceful but our pacific gestures must not be considered as any weakness. The International Court of Justice declared Kulbhushan Jadhav as a spy and rejected Indian request for releasing Kalbhushan on July 17, 2019. It proves that India committed state terrorism in Pakistan. In this perspective, IK must recall Trump that India abet terrorism in the region. Pakistan never allow any such elements to use the land of Pakistan for any nefarious plans. Pakistan is a responsible nuclear state and knows how to defend itself against any impostor at its borders.

The Way Forward

Pakistan has been a peaceful country since its birth. It never invaded its neighbours. It has been helping US forces to get out from Darfur, Sudan, Somalia and from Afghanistan. Pakistan is an important part of the United Nation’s peacekeeping forces for decades. Thus, Pakistan needs to make independent foreign policy and make other countries understand that the U.S. stay in Afghanistan went down in flames, therefore, the U.S. needs to avoid any crisis situation with Iran. The U.S. needs to learn from its past experiences that war costs an arm and a leg. We need peace in the world and it is only possible if the superpowers review their attitudes towards the developing world. Imran Khan has to be very careful in this visit and must lead from the front. He needs to be firm in his body language and very upright in his conversation. He needs to talk with media very diplomatically on questions regarding Iran. IK can answer like, he is not here for proving that who is good and who is bad. But he knows, we (Pakistanis) are good people. This is how he can transform political questions in to diplomatic parleys.

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