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Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) is under immense stress because of falling economy and governance-related challenges. Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team are struggling hard to control the situation but success is not visible. Supreme Court of Pakistan have also questioned the PTI Government’s performance At the same time, Khan’s team has opened up …

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The government is making preparations to bring the issue of Military Court’s (MC) extension to the parliament floor. The news has many members of civil society worried. Bilawal Bhutto has categorically opposed the said extension, however, PML-N leadership, like some others, have not been decisive on the subject. Why aren’t we fans of the military …

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Political anxiety is increasing in Pakistan amid rumours that the Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf’s government wants to topple Pakistan Peoples’ Party’s provincial government in Sindh or impose Governor’s Rule, and also intends to revoke the 18th Amendment of the constitution. The political concerns among the masses increased after Mian Nawaz Sharif’s conviction in Al Azizia …

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