Samina Sindhu, Singer, 28, Larkana.

Samina Sindhu
Samina Sindhu

Samina Sindhu was killed in a shocking attack during her performance in Kanga, near Larkana city, Sindh.

According to media reports the 28 year old was a local celebrity. She was known for her Sindhi repertoire and sang folk and Sufi music. Samina had a dedicated streak and had published 8 albums until her untimely demise.

Samina was eight-months pregnant at the fatal performance at a local family’s circumcision ceremony in Kanga. And had refused to stand to dance. She finally got up to sing following the insistent hosts when she was shot by Tariq Jatoi. Ashiq Soomro, Samina’s spouse told the media that the man had pointed a gun at her ordering her to stand up.

The assailant alleged that he had fired celebratory shots in the air when the accident occurred. Media reports allege that Tariq was inebriated at the time. Both firing ammunition and drinking alcohol is punishable by Law in Pakistan.

Tariq’s statement has been criticised on social and news media widely as footage of the scene went viral showing much of what happened on the scene.

Artists remain one of the most vulnerable segments of the society. Most of the vulnerability is socio-economic: the profession is looked down upon and for lack of respect and patronage most sole wage earners struggle financially. In these conditions they also become vulnerable to violence that can turn fatal. Not too long ago famous Qawal, Amjad Sabri’s murder, 2016, made the media headlines. Model and stage dancer Sangam Rana was found hanging from a ceiling fan in 2015. Mussarat Shaheeen, film actor, was shot dead in 2015 by unknown assailants. Sana and drummer Ibrahim was shot after a wedding party in Swabi in 2014.

The list goes on. However, we notice that most violence against artists targets women and in most of these incidents no justice is provided or help assured to the stricken families.

What will happen in Samina Sindhu’s case is yet to be seen. Tariq faces dual murder charges for both mother and child murders.

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