War is not a solution

History repeatedly told us that wars are not the permanent solution to any problem. Guns don’t win hearts of the people but roses can. Oppression always gives birth to resistance.

After the Pulwama Attack, which was strongly condemned by Pakistan, the BJP’s Government in India has adopted all tactics that might lead to a big disaster in the region. First, they accused Pakistan of backing Jaish e Muhammad that allegedly masterminded the Pulwama Suicide Attack last moth by a born-Kashmiri young boy. Then, they threatened Pakistan to stop its share of water coming from Kashmir region. They did not stop here and brought their aggression in sports and asked International Cricket Council to ban Pakistan from participating the Cricket World Cup. India’s request, however, has been rejected. They moved a step ahead and tried to conduct airstrikes in Pakistan but failed to achieve the target. In another bid to harass Pakistan, Indian Air Force’s fighter jet kept flying alongside Line of Control and Working Boundary between Pakistan and India and Pakistan shot down one of their aircraft and captured the pilot Abhinandan alive. India is still in the mood of hurting Pakistan. Why Modi Government is doing all this? A general perception is that Modi wants to win next elections through exploitation of anti-Pakistan sentiments. But he does not know what he is actually doing? He is radicalizing his own society in the name of Hindutva. He does not know that the monster of extremism will swallow the secular image of India.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s civil and military leaders have shown a fabulous skill of statesmanship in response to the aggressive moods of their Indian counter parts. Modi’s moves have united all conflicting politicians and segments of the Pakistani society.

Prime Minister Imran Khan offered India to solve problems through peaceful negotiations. Pakistan released the captured IAF’s pilot. Even. Pakistan’s Army Chief supported the peaceful negotiations.

Army Spokesman Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor in a presser said that there are no winners or losers in a war but ‘humanity loses’. He is right. Humanity does not belong to any particular country, religion, cast or colour but the whole mankind.

When Pakistan-India tension was at its peak, several Pakistani and Indian journalists along with Nepali, Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Afghan media persons were sitting together in a conference organized by Walter Cronkite School of Journalism to discuss how to strengthen the region economically. It was the same day when Pakistan and India had engaged their air-forces at the LoC. But it did not bring any shade of enmity or aggression there. They give a lesson to the two countries that both should work together to strengthen economy of the region instead of indulging in war.
Otherwise, the best art of war is to defeat the enemy without fighting.

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