TT Leaks 16-March-2018

Zardari’s big game behind Rabbani’s withdrawal

Raza Rabbani’s name was recently dropped for Senate chairmanship. Raza Rabbani is a bulwark of Pakistan People’s Party’s old ways and ideology and generally known as Mr. Clean. He is much respected in PPP and across the political parties for not being a yes man and speaking his mind. There is also an anti-Raza Rabbani group in the ranks of PPP and we hear that they may have fueled the fire. Also, in the recent months Zardari and his aides were seen upset with Rabbani not protesting Dr. Asim’s case.

However, Zardari and PPP had almost finalized his name as the PPP’s candidate for the Senate’s chairmanship. But, Nawaz Sharif gave another thought to Zardari by saying, “The PML-N will support Rabbani, if he is nominated by the PPP.”

Sharif’s sentence changed Zardari’s mind and he withdrew Rabbani’s name.

The Leak is that Raza’s name is now being considered for the caretaker prime minister’s slot. Apart from Zardari, there seems to be a consensus in the ranks of PPP about his name, and we hear that Bilawal is very keen that Raza be the caretaker prime minister.

A PPP insider says, “Rabbani’s nomination as the caretaker PM will also be a test for PML-N leaders, who were expressing great respect and love for him. Will they be able to reject his nomination?’


PTI leader supports Dar

It is to PTI’s credit that they have singularly rocked the PML-N’s boat. Not only they have been successful in the disqualification of Nawaz Sharif and his sons, but they are also pulling the leash on Shahbaz Sharif and other key PML-N’s politicians. The Leak is that for some PTI politician, this campaign is only skin deep.

We hear one PTI politician lawyer is dealing in National Bank’s cases these days. The president National Bank, Saeed Ahmed, and PTI leader have another shared friend: Ishaq Dar. This PTI leader had been in communication with Ishaq Dar via Saeed Ahmed, giving key advice to the PML-N leader to avert his formidable plight. In one example, we hear that Ishaq Dar was all set to return before the Senate’s election and he had booked his flight. But, the PTI leader conveyed him a message not to come as he would be arrested as soon as he lands in Pakistan.  His advice stopped Dar from travelling to Pakistan.

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