Truth Tracker (September 16-30, 2017)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. The many guises of Pakistan High Commission UK
  2. Glaciers play havoc in Gilgit-Baltistan and so does government
  3. Biased leniency correlates to escalating harassment incidents in educational institutions
  4. Voices against misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan gradually rise
  5. TVET Reform programmes targeting wrong skills
  6. In Swat, a tourism boom as security situation improves

Promise Tracking:

  1. PTI compromises yet another promise to depoliticize bureaucracy
  2. PTI breaks its promise to start work on Peshawar’s BRT project on August 1st
  3. PPP’s promise to include Quaid’s August 11, 1947 Speech in curriculum stands broken
  4. PML-N promise that all institutions will work under federal cabinet stands broken
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