Truth Tracker (October 01-15, 2017)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. The mind-boggling mystery of PIA’s ‘missing’ plane
  2. Hands behind the anti-press draft still a mystery
  3. Pakistan’s federal right to information law gives weak rights
  4. Drug abuse on the rise among youth in Gilgit Baltistan
  5. Election’s gun-wielding poster boys 
  6. Infected food-handlers jeopardize customers’ health in Lahore
  7. Minorities demand abolition of Minority Wings from political parities
  8. Pakistan’s women shine in sports despite taboos and hindrances

Promise Tracking:

  1. Beggars yet again overlooked as JI fails to its promise 
  2. PML-N’s promise to improve role and performance of FM stands broken
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