Truth Tracker (March 01-15, 2018)

Editorial Section:

News Stories:

  1. PMLN eyes majority in Senate amid political turbulence
  2. Despite huge investment the outlook of Education in KP remains questionable
  3. Crippling Polio disease moving towards the finish line
  4. KP introduces Smart Screens in Schools

Promise Tracking:

  1. PPP’s promise about Transparency and Right To Information Act stands compromised
  2. PTI compromises its promise of creating 10 million jobs in KP

Statement Fact Checking :

  1. Charter of Democracy fulfillment – PPP

TT leakes:

  1. Sleepless in Punjab
  2. Due NABbing of the Establishment

Media Tracker:

  1. Media Tracker – 1st March 2018


  1. Matloob-ur-Rehman (Munna Lahori), 68. Lahore
  2. Sridevi, 54, Dubai

Photo Gallery:

  1. Jalandhar Bakers: Spreading sweetness since 1947


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