Treaty of Hudaibiyyah; First ever Détente in the world: Understanding the Pakistan-Israel Nexus

Pakistan is living in the 21st-century and it has to review its foreign policy accordingly. The first time in the history of Pakistan, we see an alignment among people, government and military. This alignment can create integration at the national level.

Pakistan and India are passing through a very critical phase of its history because India is facing internal secessionist movement especially in three parts namely; Nagaland, Khalistan, and Kashmir. India has no international dignity at the moment but economic value owing to its second largest economic market. Thus morally we are far ahead than India in sustaining peace in the region. India is striving hard to sustain itself against secessionist movements inside India. Pakistan India lingering war affairs may integrate India. It suits the present Hindu extremist elements in India.

Our last prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him himself had good relations with the Quraysh when He PBUH felt that Muslims were not in good condition economically. He PBUH decided to announce first ever detente in the world with Quraysh of Makkah in the form of Sulah Hudabiyya. It is an amazing fact that when this treaty was written the Quraysh were against mentioning Muhammad PBUH as a messenger of Allah but Muhammad PBUH raised no objection despite antagonism of Hazrat Umar RA. He PBUH made the treaty for 10 years relaxation of tensions between Muslims of Medina and Makkans. The result was amazing; the Makkans not only recognized Medina as an Islamic State but later it also proved a great victory of Muslims which Umar RA once considered as an attack on Muslim’s faith. Today we have to learn a lesson from our ancestors how sagaciously they made a nexus with their enemies to protect Medina from any external danger. We need to make diplomatic ties with Israel to make Palestine a reality for the World as well as Pakistan a fort of pan-Islamism.

Pakistan has to be proactive in understanding the international environment. The US facing difficulties in Afghanistan and relying upon Pakistan. If we have good relations with the US, UK and China why not with Israel. In the US, the UK and China Muslims are facing racism since long. Especially the Uyghur Muslims in China are facing the worst treatment at the hands of Chinese but still, we know the importance of CPEC.   Pakistan needs to refresh its external outlook and amend its diplomatic ties abroad.

It has been talking of the town that India-Israel and the US lobby used to work against Pakistan. Every country has the right to protect its national interest as per the definition of foreign policy. I believe foreign policy can be defined as, a formal strategy to protect the mutual interests of the states instead of national interests, having bilateral or multilateral relations. Under the concept of protection of mutual interests, the definition of foreign policy becomes more pragmatic and operational.

In the contemporary world, in which Pakistan is facing aggression from India for its internal political gains in the upcoming April 2019 general elections.  Pakistan needs to turn the tables in its own favor. We need to send a diplomatic delegation to Israel for initiating diplomatic ties with Israel. This diplomatic strategy will congage (contain+engage) India in another domain and its aggressive attitude will be transferred to the diplomatic domain. The US who is seeking Pakistan’s help in Afghanistan will appreciate Pakistan’s ties with Israel. India’s efforts for isolating Pakistan at the international level will die itself automatically.

The question arises here why Israel may have diplomatic relationships with a nuclear Pakistan? There are two main reasons:

  • Israel wishes to have diplomatic ties to minimize its security threat since it has perceived Pakistan as a security threat. It also believes that Pakistan may help Iran in preparing a nuclear device that can be used against Israel. Thus having diplomatic ties with Pakistan will help Israel to halt Pakistan in transferring nuclear-related assistance to Iran.
  • Second, Israel has no reason to escalate tensions with Pakistan as per the recent statement of the Israeli PM Netanyahu explicitly denied any animosity against Pakistan.

First of all, we have to consider the following important aspects before indulging in any diplomatic ties with Israel:

  • Why do we want to have diplomatic ties with Israel?

We need to dilute any strategy that is going against the national interest of Pakistan and may harm the interest of another nation owing to disinformation. India is trying to instigate Israel or Israel trying to engage India with Pakistan in dangerous war crises that may wage a nuclear war. Thus it is wishful thinking that Israel intends to engage India against Pakistan. Yes, India may mislead Israel that Pakistan will wage war against Israel because of the Muslim Brotherhood or cultural affinity with Palestine. Although it seems a more childish argument yet Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu is the wise person as compared to the Indian PM Modi. Thus, recent India Pakistan warlike actions were owing to the Indian designs to get political gains at home in the April 2019 GE. Thus any diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Israel will enhance Pakistan’s influence in the region.

  • What would be the future plans to make these ties fruitful for the regional as well as global harmony?

This is very much important to understand that for last almost 68 years of Pakistan’s animosity with Israel was in the perspective of our affection and close ideological empathy with Palestine. In 2011, interestingly what the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said in Hague while addressing the Dutch parliament that we (Palestinian government) would recognize Israel’s existence if Israel “recognizing the Palestinian state on the borders of the land occupied in 1967.” Therefore, Pakistan can help Palestinians only when it has any diplomatic ties with Israel. We know how Turkey has been assisting the Palestinian cause because of her diplomatic relations with Israel. If Pakistan really wants to serve Muslim Ummah it has to make diplomatic relations with Israel. Without holding any dialogue how can we bring home Israelis that they are doing inhuman activities in Palestine?

  • How this relationship would harmonize the relations of the Muslim world with Israel.

The OIC is an organization of 57 Muslim countries. According to 2015 studies, Muslims roughly have 1.8 billion aficionados, 24.1% of the world population and have no say in contemporary world politics. Therefore, we as Muslims need to keep ourselves peaceful and calm to develop our capabilities economically and politically. Islam abhors any kind of aggression and political aggrandizement that based on the killing of humanity. Islam teaches us peace and cooperation with other human beings. Pakistan at the moment is the only Muslim country that can lead the Muslim Ummah owing to its strategic and political status. General retired Raheel Sharief is already leading Saudi Arabian financed the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). Through IMCTC it becomes easier for Pakistan to bring home Israel regarding Muslim cause in Palestine. This is how Muslim Ummah can be served at a macro level. Our conflict with Israel for not any solid reason is, in fact, undermining the Muslim cause in the Middle East. Pakistan can harmonize Muslim Israel relations in the twenty-first century and promote the Palestinian state in the Middle East. No other state can promote this cause other than Pakistan.

  • How the Muslim world would perceive these Pakistan Israel ties?

Not a single other country has the capability to serve the Palestinian cause more emphatically than Pakistan thus Muslim world for sure appreciates Pakistan’s efforts. We can also take in confidence to all other members of OIC and make a collective effort to make diplomatic ties with Israel for the Palestinian cause.

The Way Forward

Today, Pakistan is the only nuclear State in the Muslim World. Pakistan proved itself globally as responsible for nuclear power. We need to talk with Israel for holding peace in the world by bridging the gap between ideology and humanity. It will make Muslims as well as Pakistan more respectable in the comity of nations. The western media is already appreciating Pakistan’s effort for peace so the contemporary world environment is supporting Pakistan. Qurans says Yahudo Nasara (Jews and Christians) cannot be your friends, do not mean make them enemies. We need to understand making enemies and making a strategy to rescue from a difficult time. Wise nations never make friends but protect their interests.

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