The end of innocence

The recent JIT commission’s report did what it promised. After a rigorous investigative process, the commission shared its findings within the designated 60-day period. The commission findings have surprised many, not merely because of the perceived innocence of PML-N premiere and his family, but because a guilty verdict has never been justly awarded to the powerful in this country.

Only in a flawed democracy can we find one-man-led parties, whose leaders occupy niche positions for three and half decades, benefitting from technical loopholes and administrative blessings, unsuspected by the all-seeing eyes of the law. Sharif clan’s assets are astronomical; their beginning: humble. Simply put, it is the case of chicken and egg. Did corruption breed Sharifs or vice versa? From 1981’s provincial finance position to the 1990 prime-ministership, the man and the party were reared by creators of IJI and financial shots in the arm were given to ward off, at that time, the most popular PPP from from assuming the landslide that kept some awake at night.

No matter what the premier decides, he has lost his moral ground as the leader of the country. But while the country is busy in the rigmarole as to the burden of blame between the three generations of Sharifs, the citizen of Pakistan want a the verdict to reach a logical end.

This is not the end but a beginning.

Where have we gone wrong? At this turning point in Pakistani political conscience politicians should worry that they too are answerable. With election year nearing, voters should stop plutocrats from getting their foot in the proverbial door. Voters need to unite, not with particular parties but independently into pressure groups to ensure that the country receives what it deserves.

In recent days major political players have also been accused of corruption. President (former)Nicolas Sarkozi faced allegations of illegal campaign financing and Donald Trump latest leak raises questions about Russian help in the U.S. elctions. Former Brazilian president Lula da Silva received 10 years for money laundering. How do they do it? The developed world has an independent mechanism to scrutinize corruption. This is exactly what Pakistan needs: independent public offices that cannot be bullied by government or interest groups to serve its people.

Finally, we hope that some pro PML-N politicians are wrong. Public memory will not wane. Pakistan has had enough of the Lifafa or BMW culture.

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