Reuniting Bhuttos

Credible sources from the TTLeaks have revealed that the Bakhtawar, Asifa and
Bilawal Bhutto have been in contact with their cousins, Zulfikar and Fatima
Bhutto for some time. The news of their close relationship is a good sign for the
veteran Pakistan People’s Party members and workers who had seen the
second generation of Bhuttos together and witnessed their estrangement and

Our sources tell us that BB’s children would like their cousins to contest the
coming national elections together. Now we know that Zulfikar junior has shown
no interest in politics, but Fatima’s tenor is very political and intellectual. Ghinwa
Bhutto has trained her children with diligence preparing them for leadership in the
footsteps of their paternal grandfather.

Now, it seems that this news doesn’t sit well with Zardari. Post BB he has drawn
a new vision of the People’s Party. However, Bilawal has shown in recent years
his unflinching nature and has a sense of direction not unlike his mother’s. He
had opposed his father and stood for party workers on more occasions and had
offered party ticket to Senator Ijaz Dharma, against his father’s wishes.

Pakistan People’s Party loyalists are sure that a Bhutto reunion would make PPP
a tour du force in the coming elections. If any of Ghinwa’s children agree upon
collaboration, the Pakistan People’s Party could merge with Pakistan People’s
Party-Shaheed Bhutto.

Just like Benazir Bhutto, who shined in adversity, the party is already making
strides in their pre-election campaign. A merger with Murtaza Bhutto’s family
could make PPP leadership most welcome for their young and dynamic
leadership and socialist ideology. A good thing to heed is whether PPP will
practice politics for the sake of politics or return to their leftist political ethos.

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