Qazi Wajid, 87. Karachi.

The blue-eyed veteran actor, Qazi Wajid, was a consummate artist with a golden voice. He was born in Lahore. His career began with radio in 1950s when he started working as a 13-year old child actor. His finest vocal skills were commended for Qazi Ji and Hamid Mian ke Haan. Among many other dramas, he performed a popular Naunihaal, a children drama. Bitten by the acting bug Qazi also worked in theatre and film. Soon after the inauguration of Pakistan Television Qazi was seen in classic dramas i.e., Taleem-e-Balighan, Khuda ki Basti, An Kahi, etc. His passion for acting gave Pakistani audience as many as five decades of repertoire: varied and unique in its expanse.  Indeed Qazi could perform comedy with as much deftness (i.e., Tanhaiyaan, Dhoop Kinarey, Angan Terha) as he could deliver dramatic expressions, i.e., Hawwa ki Beti choreographed through philosophical depths. Young and budding actors remember Qazi as a humble and motivational colleague and a mentor.

Qazi Wajid was also revered by friends and colleagues for his exceptional taste and command over literature and philosophy. In that, he would share his forte with the literary community. Qazi Wajid was awarded a Pride of Performance prize by Pakistan Government in 1988.

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