Pulwama: Pakistan-India need a joint force to countering terrorism

Pulwama attack and its aftermaths are as serious as it has been in the past. Both sides of the borders are testing their pens, throats and media propagation. Analyses are being made on the basis of national perspectives. No one is ready to accept the crises in Kashmir. People are being deprived in Kashmir. War is predicted between India and Pakistan. The western writers are fanning the Pulwama incident as a serious threat to the region, And, India’s intrusion followed by lose of its aircraft also indicates gravity of the situation. We all know the upcoming general elections in India after few weeks and know the campaign stunts in India.

This has been a practice of the West if somebody writes against the West it is popularized as a conspiracy theory and if the West writes against the rest, popularized as a fact. The US narrative that whatever is going wrong in Afghanistan has been done by Pakistan is a fact and if Pakistanis believe that whatever is happening wrong in Pakistan has been owing to the US, considered as a conspiracy theory. There is another aspect of world politics is also very much misperceived, known as liberalism. Liberalism is usually taken as a concept believes in the values like tolerance, equality and secularism. Liberalism is mistakenly but intentionally attached to John Locke as its founder. Although values of tolerance, equality and secularism sprouts out from Islam only yet the West claims it originated with the signing of Magna Carta in the beginning of thirteenth century in 1215. In 622 A.D, Madina Charter was clearly mentioning the rights of Muslims and non Muslims as a documented source in the state of Madina. There is no such example ever found in which such values of tolerance, equality and secularism have been protected in black and white before Chater of Madina.

In the contemporary world, so called liberals are by all means fascists and further known as liberal fascists. One can imagine the cunningness of the west when it is claimed that there are fascists, named as liberal fascists. This is how the shallowness of liberalism explains itself at its best.

Pakistan is located at a very lucrative geographical position in South Asia. China and Pakistan sandwiched India on the World Map. The new leadership in Pakistan is determined to raise Pakistan’s economy to the level of its autonomy in economic affairs. India is worried about any such venture that is going to make Pakistan economically autonomous as it will challenge the hegemony of India in the region. International financial institutions (IMF, WB) are unable to dictate their terms on Pakistan because of economic assistance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and China. Not only this, international political scenario is also favouring the government of Pakistan to rise politically, economically and socially. The US depleting economy owing to its policy of political aggrandizement in almost 70 % of the world has obliged the US president Trump to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. It has been costing 45 billion dollars per year to the US exchequer for nothing. The US claims it has lost already one trillion dollars in Afghanistan war besides collateral damage. The so called war against terrorism is proved a wild goose chase. Pakistan’s importance in region has increased and making it a significant player in the region. It is damaging the Indian objective to isolate Pakistan in the world. The Paris-based Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has given some time to Pakistan to meet the deadline of May 2019 for combating terrorism and money laundering issues to get out of the grey list. India is consistently propagating against Pakistan but its every move going wasted. The countries in South Asia are not learning the lesson that war never pay back but always destroy humanity. So called liberals perhaps do not consider humanity as a value and keep selling arms to the world. Can someone answer few questions? Do Muslims produce arms? Do Muslims sell arms in the world? Who invented the dynamite? Answer is Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Was he a Muslim? Peace Nobel Prize and Nobel Prize in every field are given after the name of a person who created the source of destruction for humanity. One can imagine the shallowness of liberals and their false claims of tolerance, equality and secularism. The person who made dynamite used for the annihilation and the US was the first and might be the last to experience the dynamite upon human beings during the Second World War on the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Today the war mongers insist us to learn about tolerance, equality and secularism who themselves have been the enemies of humanity.

Pulwama attack is one of the examples of perishing human beings for the personal interests of liberal fascists. Indians and Pakistanis are very much clear about the facts and not scare about any war that has been propagated by the western columnists in their financially sponsored columns to create panic and give rise to arms industry. Besides that it is a way to give reason to the Indian government that why it has been at number three as arms buyer from the number one arms seller the US.

The Indian economy is rising day by day and expecting 7.2 % growth rate in 2019. All popular economic resources like economic outlook, IMF, WB, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, are predicting the economic surge in India in the upcoming years. It will give a flight to Indian people’s economic condition, especially the common man may get rise in India. Unfortunately, the Indian leadership is insincere to the Indians and intends to keep India in the grip of war conditions. It will undermine Indians economy on a large scale as the Indian Stock market would start showing downward development. The Indian media is highly inefficient and irresponsible which is making conditions worst for India.

Pakistan is very much ready under the new government for facing any wishful adventure from the Indian side. After the general elections 2018, first time in its history, civil and military elite are on the same page and other segments of society are integrated by the Indian threats of war. Since Pakistan government rationally behaved and offered investigation of Pulwama attack and ready to cooperate with India. There are no chances of war between India and Pakistan at the moment.

God forbid if India makes any mistake, Pakistan’s missiles have capacity to retaliate since it has no option of conventional war. Pakistan will use Hybrid warfare to face India and it will be a great devastation on the part of India with its largest population size in the world after China.

The Way Forward

Pakistan and India have to make a joint force for countering terrorism under the title of Pakistan-India force for Countering terrorism in the subcontinent (PIFCTS). It will also expose who is ready to curb terrorism in the region. The Pakistan PM should take the initiative and offer the Indian government the call of the day for making PIFCTC, since human lives are precious already 37 families became orphan in the recent Pulwama attack. How many people are dying across the border in the name of terrorism in last seventy odd years. The joint force will certainly end the incidents like Pulwama, Islamabad or Mumbai attacks.

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