PTI Teeters on Thin Ice

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf’s Government has been making mistakes after mistakes on political, economic and administrative fronts that have resulted in their popularity plummeting to a new low. Pakistan’s well-wishers are least bothered about PTI’s falling popularity graph, they are more concerned about the state and its people.

On the political front, PTI went against its political rivals with reckless abandon, mainly Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz and Pakistan Peoples’ Party, and filed several references against the two parties’ top leaders to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) which too has become controversial due to the hazy accountability process. The opposition wanted to launch an anti-government movement but was unable to find a solid justification for it.

When it comes to economic policies, PTI has faced by far the worst failure for which it had criticized preceding governments over the past decade. Pakistan, at the moment, is being crushed under monolithic foreign debt, the worst inflation of the past 15 years, rapid devaluation of rupee and unprecedented price hikes. The government has replaced its financial controller, Asad Umer, with no change being observed thus far. These policies have triggered anxiety amongst the masses who have started protesting against the price-hike. The financially suffocated masses will be the major tool for the opposition parties, which are flexing muscles for an on-road agitation against the government after Eid. They have already given a call for an All Parties Conference to finalise the nature of the movement.

Under such dire circumstances, the people expect some positive and sane tactics on the government’s part, instead the PTI’s intelligentsia dropped a bomb at its own government by filing references against two judges of Supreme Court and Sindh High Court respectively to the Supreme Judicial Council. The reference against the Supreme Court’s Judge Qazi Faez Isa might prove lethal for PTI’s government. Mr Isa is reckoned among the very few upright and fearless judges of the current judiciary. He had given a strong-worded and candid decision against 2017 Sit-in of Tehreek e Labaik Pakistan (TLP) and had ordered the government and armed forces to take action against the officials, who backed the sit-in.

Interestingly, the PTI and army filed review petitions against the verdict, while Mr Isa, by law, had to hear the petitions. The dates for the proceedings have not been fixed yet, however, President of Pakistan Arif Alvi has sent a reference against Mr Isa to the SJC for not declaring his family’s assets abroad. This move has given another solid reason to the opposition parties for taking to the roads. The legal fraternity also stands behind Mr Isa which means the lawyers’ community, which has always played pivotal role in political movements of the past, will join the opposition’s show of power that might lead to disaster for the PTI Government and the country.

Sensible and professional decisions should be advised to Prime Minister Imran Khan and his elected and ‘non-elected’ comrades, or they should keep their luggage packed and ready, in case the need for a hasty departure arises from the tarmac of political power in Pakistan.

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