PML-N plugging the Leaks

The issue of the Dawn Leaks has been ‘settled,’ leaving quite a bitter aftertaste in the political broth. The sitting government has dealt with the Dawn Leaks commission report through the subsequent rolling of the heads as necessary measures to appease the growing suspense and tension arising from within the cadres of power. Notwithstanding the official verdict stood: rejecting the Leaks as fictional. Though the contents of the report have not been disclosed, and many fear any chances, the matter has embarrassed the civil-military leaders equally.

Some analysts have viewed the demand, establishment and the latter report as eyewash. The fact of the matter is that the first concern since the publication of the notorious expose was raised about the source and not the authenticity. So the political pundits prediction of an effort at face-saving held its water.

The reactionary tweet from military establishment confirmed the civil military acrimony. The tweet flatly questioned the report as tenuous and rejected it. In the ten days ensuing the tweet the opposition parties and analysts, both nationally and across the globe, speculated, holding out their scorecards. Finally after an alleged negotiation the military establishment back-pedaled and among other things, the new official statement deemed the initial statement as ‘infructuous.’ This is an unprecedented strategy from the military—known for exerting their might—and a discomfiting faux pas.

The balance of power between civil-military elite has been sketchy from the get-go. In time, despite their stained relationships, Pakistan People’s Party especially and PML-N have somewhat mastered syntaxes to exist alongside the military regimes. Many a times we have been told civil leadership as corrupt, nonproductive, lacking patriotism. However, it has been rare that the civil leadership would stand at the other side of the stick. This has led to much theorizing about the dawn leaks as been viciously prompted.

However premature, it seems that the report may not have solved the riddle of how exactly and why the news got out. The grueling six-month period of the investigation of the Dawn Leaks Commission findings has been an effort to soften the blow for the parties in question. It is also guesswork if government’s investigations have prescribed a set of workable suggestions.

Chaudhry Nisar may see tweets as evil but it is questionable whether the PML-N government’s current ploys have been advised by past mistakes. Nawaz Sharif may have averted a crisis but he is still wading in troubled waters. It seems that the Military is exercising prudence in deciding to let democracy run its course, allowing the courts pull the noose. The premier would be wise to know that he remains answerable for the Panama charges and distractions may fail to ensure his political longevity.

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