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The Promise On page 82 of its manifesto PML-N pledged that it will ensure that all institutions, whether civil or military, including those dealing with security and intelligence matters, act in accordance with the law, and under the instructions and directives of the Federal Cabinet.   Background  Though, the Constitution of Pakistan clearly mentions that the military


PROMISE Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan had promised his party would digitize the land and revenue records in all provinces if came into power. Addressing a public rally in Haripur in May, 2013, Khan said that PTI wanted to digitize the land and revenue records across the country and resolve all the disputes related


Editorial Section

In the wake of the recent arrest of a notorious criminal in Karachi, questions are being raised by the nation as to why crime is sanctioned by the rulers. The news got significant national and international media coverage owing to the fact that criminals in our land have strong affiliations with political parties and further

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At last, there appears to be some semblance of normalcy in the tense Pak-US relations after President Trump’s issued a softer statement regarding Pakistan in the wake of a successful operation by Pakistani forces to rescue a kidnapped Canadian couple and their kids from tribal areas of Pakistan on October 12. He said, “The early


The recent outrage by Captain Muhammad Safdar Awan in the national assembly floor was met with reservations from politicians and citizens from all walks of life. The PML-N member of the national assembly adopted a venomous rhetoric against the Ahmedi minorities of Pakistan, calling upon the national institutions to refuse service opportunities to the Ahmedi