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Promise Pakistan Peoples Party has promised its voters in the 2013 manifesto that after coming to power, it would raise the adult literacy rate from the current 54 per cent to 85 per cent. This promise was to be implemented at the country level. However, since the PPP could not make government in the Centre,


Promise To promote the culture of accountability and transparency, the PML-N had in its 2013 manifesto, promised to enact the ‘whistle-blower protection law’. The law provides a safeguard to persons who expose corruption, wrongdoing and other illegalities. Background A Whistleblower is a person who exposes a wrongdoing committed by an individual in a private or


Editorial Section

The end of the world is a subject that has scholars pondering across the world. Scientific research has devoted their time to the signs of apocalypse. A recent scientific research quoted numerous signs of apocalypse as asteroids impact, expansion of the sun, solar flares and, bursts from gamma rays, etc. The leaders of the world

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Pakistan, in the national and international context, is going through crucial times. Military and civil forces are not on the same page on numerous internal and external issues. The state has badly failed to provide a unanimous narrative to counter extremism while critical state institutions including the army, judiciary, executive and parliament have been unable


Not only the recent month has been grim for the Pakistani premier but the country’s international relations too are in a proverbial soup. The recent rift in the Middle East has bared the, erstwhile, latent faultlines. The Arab Monarchy has been criticised on the international horizon for coming out too strongly against the neighbouring Shiite