Munnu Bhai (Munir Ahmed Qureshi), 84. Lahore

A poet, writer, columnist and a journalist, Munnu Bhai’s life has been a contribution to the nation’s finest endeavours. Born in Wazirabad in 1933, Munnu Bhai had very humble background. He started journalistic career as a translator and there was no looking back. He spent more than two and a half decades in the service of journalism. His column, Girebaan, was one of the most widely read in the country for his attention on the plight of the many in the country.

While Munnu Bhai had many publications under his belt, he became a household name for his dramas aired by PTV. Sohna Chandi, Dasht, etc., caught public’s attention because of their realistic approach.

Blessed with a kind heart, Munnu Bhai served humanity by helping out children with severe blood diseases.

Endowed with the 2007, he was given Pride of Performance award by the state of Pakistan.

Munnu Bhai suffered from cardiac and kidney problems. He passed away January 19, 2018.

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