Matloob-ur-Rehman (Munna Lahori), 68. Lahore.

Munna Lahori captured the hearts and minds of the Pakistani children through his riveting performance through the early 1990s. He received notoriety for his character Zakoota Jin in a PTV children’s serial Ainak Wala Jin.

Short statured and doe-eyed Munna Lahori was the perfect part for the Jin that all Pakistani children befriended through their television screens.

Munna performed in almost 3,500 stage and TV plays in Pakistan and also got accolades in international stage in U.S., Canada, Norway and Belgium.

Munna was celebrated for his timing and subtle humour as an actor. Munna’s colleagues remember him as a true friend and mentor and for living a Spartan life.

However, as the millennium approached, the opportunities for Munna decrease. He started working with private schools. His financial situation suffered immensely due to falling health. In the last six year Munna Lahori’s health became grave. Colleagues in the acting business tried to help keep him afloat. But that wasn’t enough. He died in mayo hospital of paralysis. Sadly the local government offered condolences for his bereaved family but made no financial offer.

While the mortal Munna Lahori left the world, his character Zakoota is immortalize and will continue to enthrall young and old alike.

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