Leaders or Dealers: Touching the Achilles’ Heel

Pakistan is evolving briskly owing to the change in governance after the general elections in 2018. In the seventy-one years’ history first time we see that an elite challenged the monopoly of another elite. Before a drama was going on among three groups, PMLN, PPP and the military to take turns after every 8-10 years’ rule and kept the country under the clout of establishment.

It is not only Pakistan but everywhere in the world, establishment works but it works for the popular narrative along with its monopolized designs. Fortunately or unfortunately as time will prove it, in the GE 2018, it was the PTI that carries the popular narrative in which the PTI chief Imran Khan touches the Achilles’ heel with an uproar against the corruption of top elites in Pakistan. It broke the status quo in Pakistan for the first time in the 71 years’ history. It may be a valid question, “How did the status quo rip out in General Elections (GE) 2018 in Pakistan?”

Let’s have a brisk evaluation. This piece is going to expose that the drama of enjoying terms in government by three major groups (PPP, PMLN and military) in Pakistan has been over and a fourth group broke the status quo.

Yes, these are groups so far as in the strict definition of political science no group in Pakistan comes under the definition of political party they may be called as interest groups. Military intervened in Pakistan owing to the failure of civil political demagogues. (again political science disallows the leaders of these groups to be called as political elite). The PTI after the twenty-two years long political struggle against corruption changed the results of GE 2018. All the said three groups in the past used to give the lollipop of democracy or of ‘true democracy’ as Musharraf used to say are put on hold with the results of GE 2018. Since, Democracy is a mean to an end not an end itself.

It was the total failure of the civil military elite in the history of Pakistan that provided an opportunity to the PTI for leading in the GE 2018. For, people have no rational choice and considered the PTI as a liberator in the ongoing security, energy and economic crises in the country. After the demise of Quaid-I-Azam in 1948 to date all so called civil or military political demagogues were facing the crisis in legitimacy so deprived of any authority at home as well as abroad.

The legitimacy and authority go hand in hand. Since independence to date, Pakistan was facing only one crisis at home that was governance crisis. The governance crisis means leadership crisis. It ruined the socio-Political and economic fabric of the country. The breaking of status quo is a sign of hope for new Pakistan. Although it is facing more economic and political crises yet these crises are more manufactured and fabricated by media and the losers.

How the present government is working pragmatically against corruption and touching the Achilles’ heel?

First, After the agreement with UK, Pakistan is seeking permission to repatriate alleged criminals; Ishaq Dar, Hassan, Hussain, and Altaf Hussain after tendering convincing evidences against them, gives hope to get Pakistan’s looted money back. Although repatriation of Hassan and Hussain looks uncertain because of their UK citizen status yet Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has been convinced that wealth repatriated to progenies when they are minor, the obligation of wealth belonging to father could be easily proven. Since, British court gives the decision of asylum case in the favour of Altaf Hussain thus his repatriation to Pakistan can only be sought from court not through any administrative order.

Second, no more appeasement at international level even Donald Trump has to make request IK for help in Afghanistan. Third, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering campaign really reconstructing Pakistan’s tarnished image abroad. Four, If the IK government get success in ordering the home right will damage the traditional groups because every sane person can understand that ongoing socio-political and economic crises has nothing to do with the newly lead government. Five, media regulatory authority is being revamped to bridle the unbridled media. Six, member parliaments are attending parliament through production orders. Seven, it is almost a national government as members of other parties join hands under IK as leader is honest others have to follow him. Eight, people who have been undermining the economy through corruption are facing National Accountability Bureau. Although selective morality is perceived in this respect as military personnel and judges of judiciary are not facing such inquiries this is where IK has to look into seriously. Nine, the present regime has stopped lying to people and showing them the real condition of economy previously governments want to elongate their rule and kept lying to people. Ten, first time Pakistan issued e-visas to 175 countries and for 50 countries on arrival visas.

These ten facts show how the GE 2018 has set the pace of change in Pakistan. Today every institution is raising eyebrows for transgressing their boundaries. Judiciary is asking the military to stay in limits. Executive is alarming the judiciary to work according to established laws. Military is reviewing its role and trying to be more rational instead of indulging in any adventure against the judiciary or executive. Legislature has been at the lowest ebb in Pakistan since 1947 to date because of the status quo that had been prevailed in Pakistan for last seventy-one years owing to the monopoly of political demagogues.

The way forward

Thus, today the status quo is broken and demands from the people to be vigilant for their unchained survival. The governance crises are at respite and providing an opportunity to people to take up the cudgel and make new leadership accountable for its performance in the time to come. We need to give at least two years to this leadership to see on which side the camel sits. We need to be aware of fake media journalists who are annoyed out of their closure of government funds used as bribery in the previous governments. These fake journalists used to run their kitchens, perform Huj and Umras and other such activities with bribed money from the political demagogues and used to propagate at media for their fake laurels. We need to be aware of our duties to get our fundamental rights. The establishment want to keep its monopoly but with respect and dignity. Ironically, IK has been unaware of the deteriorating conditions of the political economy of Pakistan but still looks enthusiastic in settling it on the right track at the earliest. Contrary to this all opposition groups want to let IK down as they know that if he succeeds in awakening the people of Pakistan in his five years’ rule, there would be no place for all the political jugglers to juggle the election results in future. Now it is we who have to choose between real leaders and opportunist dealers. All institutions have to work in their limits to be respected in the age of social media.

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