Kashmir is Bleeding: Morality is the only heal for hatred

Kashmir’s freedom movement is in its last phase. Modi and his accomplices in the world have shown apathy towards humanity. The Arabs are at the top of their inhuman attitude towards human beings. Kashmir issue is more political and moral than religious. Indian atrocities are shameless and deplorable. No religion in the world teaches violence. It is inhuman attitudes of some so-called human beings who are barbarian in nature. Narendra Modi is one of them. Why the world is sleeping while Kashmir is bleeding? Because Islamic Military Alliance under General Raheel Sharief and OIC in the first place, the rest of the world in second place are guilty in the murder of Kashmiri people. Allah will never come on the earth to rescue killing of the people and it never happened in the past. Allah always used his vicegerent human beings to resolve the crises on earth. Waiting for Allah for our self-created problems is like living in fool’s paradise.


We have to learn from history, scrupulous observation shows, it is not military that can protect people from any trouble. Since no military in the world is ready to protect Kashmiris from Modi’s atrocities. The most powerful militaries in the world like the US and Russia could never win in Afghanistan. Ask any military man, can he succeed in war without any personal dedication or commitment of a soldier? The answer is no. If militaries might have been important, why the most technologically sophisticated and scientifically advanced US military could not escape from 9/11 incident even it was an inside job. It means to rescue people from troubles military is not the real liberator but it is we human beings. We need to be human and act humanly. Morality is the only heal for hatred. Modi’s hatred for Kashmiris has been denied in the world but Jacinda Ardern’s love for humanity in New Zealand becomes a role model for us all. Military chiefs use to say these are not militaries win wars but nations. Wars are not a solution to anything. We need to understand humanity and its paraphernalia that is love, kindness and forgiveness are the basic ingredients to win hearts of others, nothing else. Not a single penny is spent on making our surroundings worth living. We spend billions of dollars on making our environment deadly. The arms race, all so-called technological sophistication, and scientific advancements are clearly damaging the environment and making human being insecure day by day. It is very obvious there is nothing difficult in understanding this imbroglio. The world arms industry is a real cause of conflict in the world. All arms dealers are in the uniforms, terrifying innocent people with the threat of others. Billions of dollars are spent in the name of security in the world and insecurity is at its peak because morality is vanishing. We are more struggling for competition with each other and denying the existence of other individuals. There is only one kind of organism in the world, they are living organisms. It is a big lie, there are any non-living organisms in the world. Quran says, everything in the universe praises Allah. Every material item has a shelf life. All missiles, bombs and other weapons of mass destruction can only kill humanity and all those weapons have their shelf value. Investing in arms is all dead investment because there is no output of it but death. Therefore, we need to focus on human development, human values and struggle for integration instead of striving for national interests. We need to review the definition of foreign policy. Foreign policy is a formal strategy to protect the common interests of the peoples instead of national interests. There would be no conflict in the world if nations start observing common interests instead of national interests. War industry will die out itself. We need to contemplate or think upon our individual behaviours instead of considering others, what they are doing. Kashmir is bleeding because we are thinking it is Kashmiris who are being killed not us, tomorrow we would start dying and others would think it were not they. This is how in jungle like world we would phase out gradually without knowing what was happening with us. World has to be proactive in punishing Modi under war crimes and genocide like actions.


All religious ideologies ensure sustainable human development in the world. The SHD talks about fulfilling the needs and demands of the present generations without depleting the needs and demands of future generations. It is only possible through circulation of wealth to the grassroots levels and stops the concentration of wealth in few hands. It gives way to monopoly and ultimately anarchy in the world. Therefore, it needs only self-awareness of human ideals, integration, respect to all, tolerance for others regardless of caste creed or status and above all seeking forgiveness for our follies from human beings as well as from the omnipotent. We all are imperfect as Allah created us imperfect. Allah says in Quran, “All human beings are in loss except those who are on faith, practice good deeds first and then preach for the same.” Allah further says in Quran, “undoubtedly human beings are thankless towards Allah,” for his numerous blessings upon human beings. If we start thanking Allah for his blessings we would see miracles happening around us. We bow our heads before worldly gods and feel dissatisfied. We need to be satisfied and let’s bow only before one Allah. Therefore, we need our tuning which is only possible through contemplation in loneliness. We need strong institutions which are only possible through our individual tuning as good human being. Individual correction is the mother of all good beginnings in the world. No rocket science just a simple rule to live and let others live. All human beings are creation of Allah and he is Rabulalameen. Allah created Heaven and Hell. We are not supposed to brand anyone as a pious or sinful Kafir. We need to evaluate ourselves to make this world a peaceful place on the earth. 


The way forward


Kashmir conflict management is the call of the day, Pakistan Military needs to take into confidence academicians, and good-natured political demagogues. I personally believe that military has to play its role in determining policy and making decision in the national interests. It has to coordinate with civilian instead of calling them bloody civilian. The civil-military liaison is wonderful for making an efficient foreign policy. Pakistan has to make firm policies upon principles that no one in military, bureaucracy, judiciary, universities, or parliament is superior but we all are for the people of the world to give them an environment where they could spend a good time of their lives. We need to think of collective interest. 

No central authority at international level is giving way to anarchy in the international community. It is time to make the world a global entity. The world has to think about dividing the world into small units and make a borderless world, where human beings could go anywhere for finding better opportunities in life. Before this as mentioned earlier we need to make sure that circulation of wealth is ensured to the grassroots levels. Diversification usually boosts creativity among human beings when diversified people think positive about each other. All bad things start with competition and when we start competing each other economically and intend to grab all economic resources of the world to let others down. The civilized nations are civilized today because they practice the pristine canons of humanity; integrity, credibility, cleanliness, merit, accountability, transparency and social justice.

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