Judith Miller, 76, Paris.

Jacques Lacan was a famous psychoanalyst in the last century, whose work elaborated on Sigmund Freud’s. Born in Antibes on July 3, 1941, Judith Miller, last daughter of Jacques Lacan with Silviya Bataille. Cherished by her father for her beauty and intellect, Miller became a professor of philosophy and, among others, is known for her book on Lacan as a father.

The philosopher actively participated in the School of the Freudian cause founded by her husband, the psychoanalyst Jacques-Alain Miller. Since her marriage in 1966, she actively participated in the work of the notebooks for the analysis and gathered brilliant normaliens who sought to give a breath new intellectual to the Lacanian thinking.

As a professor of Maoists philosophy, Miller, a believer in the proletariat left, was quite radical and allegedly gave a course credit to someone she met on a bus ride. This episode later resulted in the philosophy department’s decertification at Vincennes in Paris.

In 1970, her radicalism caused the French education department to demote her to a lycee teacher, as she gave an interview to Michèle Manceaux, a journalist at the Express, which was preparing a book on the teachers. There she praised the Chinese revolution and scoffed at the university for their capitalist interests, adding that she would do everything to make it run badly. Miller died of a degenerative disease.

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