Human Vs Inhuman: Christchurch unveiled

The Christchurch tragedy on March 15, 2019, explicitly exposed this planet. A human being is a unit in the making of a nation. It follows with a belief system. Thus, first of all, a human being is valued. The said incident categorically tells that there are only two nations in the world; one is a human and other is an inhuman nation. First takes dictation from its creator, believes in integration, peace, and peaceful coexistence and the latter takes guidance from the devil and believes in disintegration, violence, and killings. Thus, we may deduce that it is not religion that divides people but these are individuals who try to divide nations on the basis of belief systems.

The nations start fighting with each other on the basis of ego. Humans are egoistic thus human nature is to dominate and monopolize the resources to distribute them under its clout. The devils’ advocates are trying to promote war in the world on petty issues. Perhaps, the war industry needs more war in the world to have its business. Although Christchurch incident could not achieve the objectives of the terrorists yet it integrated the New Zealand’s ethnic communities. Why the terrorists again attacked the mosques in England in March this year? What is the perspective of the Christchurch incident? Why the warmongers or terrorists chose the mosques as their target? Let’s unveil the incident with an orientalist view:

It was February 14, 2019, when almost 42 Indian paramilitary convoys died in an alleged suicide attack in Indian occupied Kashmir in Pulwama. It was Jaish-e-Muhammad who killed Indian soldiers as per Indian government claim. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan asked for any proof that the attack done by any Pakistani or Pakistani based group of people. India did not give any proof but decided to transgress international law. On February 26, 2019, Indian jet fighters intruded Pakistan territory and dropped bombs on as per Indian claim JeM camp in Pakistan. This transgression forced Pakistan to teach a lesson to the Indian government pragmatically. Pakistan humiliated India in February 2019 when Indian MiG 21 intruded Pakistan’s airspace and could not go back unscathed. One dropped in Jammu and Kashmir and second dropped inside Pakistan territory. Pakistan army arrested the pilot of the MiG 21 and released him later on humanitarian grounds.

Muslims all over the world have been feeling satisfied on Pakistani supremacy over the Indian air force. Pakistan army and navy also defeated India on different skirmishes in the following days of end February and at the beginning of March after Indian defeat in a dogfight in the air.

This incident not only shocked India but also sensitized all other big regional and global powers. Indian humiliation has been an unbearable loss for Israel and the US. The western media started praising Pakistan and its government’s peace gestures. It was unacceptable for a few global powers. We have to understand the tragedy of Christchurch, New Zealand in the perspective of global humiliation of hegemons in the hands of Pakistan military and Prime Minister. The ongoing praise of Pakistani Prime minister in global media was indigestible for the media agglomerates but felt badly helpless. They want to divert global attention to any other big issue. They find New Zealand as an easy target where they could kill Muslims with an excuse of immigration laws. Since it has been a peaceful and calm place in the world and the government used to welcome all communities. However, with the help of Australian Senator Fraser Anning and the Aussie terrorist Brenton Tarrant, the objective of the global hegemon remained unfulfilled as the New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern showed solidarity with the Muslim community and decided to compensate the affectees to keep her country clean from any deprivations. The Australian PM also came forward and confirmed his commitment towards a peaceful world. The Kiwi PM advised decently to the US president Donald Trump, to stand with Muslims when he made a condolence call to Jacinda and asked for any help. The New Zealand PM showed a real face of humanity to the world. It would be a big question, god forbid if anything happened wrong in Pakistan with minorities, would we allow Pakistan PM to stand with minorities the way the New Zealand PM stood with Muslims in the sad incident?

It was a great gesture on the part of Jacinda Adern who decided to make the terrorist nameless and stood with the victims. Although the smile and satisfaction on the face of the Aussie terrorist when appeared in the court clearly show that he has been planted with a mission that he has to injured Muslims and their feelings yet remained unpopular in Europe. Muslim supremacy in New Zealand was disturbing for the inhuman nation to go empty after committing such a great human loss.

The tragedy in the Christchurch is planned international terrorism. It is conducted by a specialist terrorist organization. It is giving a message to the inhuman nation to go against humans for divulging any global phenomenon. It is a planned effort to stop international support for human settlement in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

It seems like Ku Klux Klan has re-emerged in the world. The three main ideas of the KKK had been white supremacy, white nationalism, and anti-immigration. All three ingredients are there in the manifesto of the Aussie terrorist. I have no evidence that it may be the follower of the KKK or may be having any inspiration for the third phase of KKK. The KKK is an American terrorist organization came into existence in 1865, named as a white supremacist hate group. It is existing in its third phase with thousands of its members and hundreds of its branches all over the world. The style and stubborn attitude of the Aussie terrorist are the same as the member of the KKK. It is the duty of the international institutions to check in detail that it may be a re-emergence of the KKK. It used to use violence against blacks not only in the US but also in other parts of the world. The whole Europe and the Americas have been the main hot spots of the activities of KKK in the nineteenth, twentieth and the twenty-first centuries.

Many questions arise after the Christchurch tragedy. Since the Bangladesh team is rescued in this attack. What would be the strategy of the International Cricket Council (ICC) for New Zealand? Pakistan Cricket Board must have to take up this issue seriously and brought home to the ICC for fair treatment in this regard. Pakistan deserves the international cricket back home.

Donald Trump as the US president has to come out vocally for the support of humanity and include himself in the human nation instead of the inhuman. The Christchurch tragic incident has clearly mentioned that terrorists have no religion and no nationality. Terrorists are devils’ advocates and must be punished for the sake of humanity.

The Way Forward

In the prevailing circumstances, it has become the duty of the world leaders to hold a meeting at the platform of the UN and make a pledge that no religion or nationality will be named after an extremist or radical act. All nations of the world would rebuke the concerned individual act as a wrong act instead of making responsible to the specific nation or belief system with the wrong deed of an individual. Global integration is the call of the day after the tragic incident of the Christchurch.

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