Hello to Galaxy Unpacked, 2019

The most anticipated launch of the year happened last week that brought new trends to the gadget world, in general, and smartphone industry, in particular. From incredible folding smartphones to the newest flagships to reverse wireless charging a bunch of new wearables, here’s everything we saw at Galaxy Unpacked, 2019.

The highlight of the show was the incredible new foldable smartphone which is a beauty in persona. Samsung Galaxy phone is the hybrid of a regular four-inch phone and an incredible seven-inch tablet with all the bells and whistles of a high-end flagship. Samsung fold smartphone uses an innovative new hinge system to open and close like a book, seamlessly switching between the outer 4.6-inch screen and the inner 7.3-inch tablet-like screen. Other than the incredible dual screen the storage goes up to 1Tb with massive battery, seven nm processor, 12GB of ram and guess what “LTE-5G” capability – all these features are impressive but to get a hold on this tech you need to shed almost two grand and in this price you can get a Macbook pro with some change to spare.

Galaxy Fold was star of the show, but all three models in the S10 range — the Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 Plus — all still took our breath away. The new infinity O Dynamic AMOLED displays are stunning with quad-HD+ resolution. They’re not all style and no substance, though. All three models in the range — from the huge S10 Plus to the cheaper, smaller S10, are powered by the powerful new Snapdragon 855, promising next-gen levels of power. The cameras have been revamped, and the S10 and S10 Plus both sport triple-lens camera suites with a wide-angle, telephoto zoom, and variable aperture lenses. New models can even charge another device wirelessly, thanks to PowerShare.

Samsung’s new in-display fingerprint sensor with the S10 & S10 Plus look a bit slower than the previous gen, but the good part is its ultrasonic and far more secure. Samsung’s unpacked brought competition in every category of the industry with galaxy S10e to compete with IPhone XR, Galaxy buds to compete with Airpods, Galaxy Watch Active to compete with Apple watch and so forth.

Unpacked was not all about phones — it cares about keeping us fit too.

In order to stop us from all getting fat while staring at our new smartphones all day, Samsung introduced two new fitness-focused wearables — the Galaxy Watch Active and the Galaxy Fit. Watch Active is a full fledge smartwatch while Fit is focused more on fitness. The tech advancement associated with active is blood pressure tracking. Samsung has been impressive with the pricing of the devices. All the new phones and wearables are priced well below competition or on a par. Wireless headphones are priced well below Airpods and so is the case with Galaxy Active. Smartphones are on a par starting at $750 and going till $999 same as IPhone XR and XS Max.

After the Samsung event, MWC (Mobile World Congress) is happening right now. The only highlight of the show is Huawei’s answer to the foldable genre of the smartphone industry. Huawei Mate X is an incredible device with an 8-in foldable screen. This one is even more expensive than galaxy fold but the good part is that we are seeing innovation and introduction of new product categories which will be good for the overall development and advancement of the industry.


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