Educate children and save them from being molested

Lahore: Kasur’s pedophile and serial killer Imran Ali was executed on October 17 for raping and killing seven-year-old Zainab Ansari and several other girls. But, his hanging is not enough to stop the increasing menace of molesting little boys and girls. To stop the increasing incidents of child molestation, the parents must educate their children, say psychologists and experts on child issues.

Shafaq Khawaja, 36, mother of four, told Truth Tracker, “I am a mother too and I can feel the pain of Zainab’s parents. Even, I could not sleep properly after Zainab’s.” She says that she used to send her children to school with driver. But, after Zainab’s incident, she started picking and dropping the children and stopped allowing them to go to even nearby markets with her driver alone. “Zainab’s tragedy was an eye-opener to me. It changed my mind. Now, I have started educating my children about difference between good and bad touch by people around us.”

According to the data obtained from Sahil, an organisation which monitors the cases of child abuse, 2322 case of child abuse were reported during the last six months.  The total cases include 381 incidents of sodomy, 360 rape, 224 attempted rape, 167 gang-sodomy, 92 gangrape and 112 attempted gang-sodomy. Sahil’s report reveals that 57 boys and girls were killed after being molested during the last six months. The victims include 1298 girls and 1024 boys of 6 to 15 years.

The report says, “Zainab’s parents set an example by showing the courage and bringing the matter in the spotlight. It inspired parents of other victims who have started reporting such incidents to police and media.”

Zain Ali, a lawyer, told Truth Tracker, “The law to hand death sentence to the rapists of children is already there and few people were executed in such cases. But, people were reluctant to report such cases because of social limitations and fears of being defamed.” The judiciary has set an example by hearing this case on day-to- day basis and dispensing speedy justice,” said Zain. The end of Imran also leaves a message that the rapist-cum-killer will not escape unpunished.

Ammara, a school teacher and mother of two, said, “The lessons I learned from this case are; never leave your children on disposal of anybody for days- give them the basic sex education and guide them how to sense bad intentions.” “We must tell them how to keep distance with teachers, neighbours and servants,” said Ammara.

Shahnaz (Not real name), 30, is mother of two sons and a daughter. She kept a Qari to teach Quran to her seven year-old-daughter. One day when she went to the room where the Qari would teach her daughter, she saw that Qari was keeping his hand on the girl’s chest and was telling her how to place her hands for offering prayer. “I immediately asked the tutor to leave and told my husband that he left at his will and never mentioned this to anybody.”

Another mother said, “I got shocked when my six-year-old daughter asked me about menstrual cycle. When I inquired about the background of her question, she said that Qari was asking if she took bath after menses or not.” She also kicked out the teacher.

Shazia (Not real name), 28, works in a multi-national company. She says, “One of my mother’s cousin molested me when I was 13. I told my parents about the incident. Instead of taking any action, they instructed me not to mention this to anyone.” Still, he comes to our house which makes me furious. “I will urge the parents not to trust their relatives in this regard,” says Shazia.

Child Psychologist Maryam Haider told Truth Tracker that she received several cases of sodomy and rape of children. Most of them fell victim to the lust of their servants or teachers or close relatives. “The victims take very serious influence of such incidents and become psychological patients.” She says that basic sex education to children is a must in the current social scenario.

About the psyche of pedophiles, Dr Fauzia, a psychologist, says, “There are multiple reasons behind pedophilia, Those, who can not fulfil their sexual desires they way they want, may become pedophiles as children are the soft targets. They satiate their lust by molest children and if they fear that the victim can recognize them, they killed them.”

She said another reason behind this phenomenon is hatred against a child’s parents. “In some cases, pedophiles are molested in their childhood. After growing up, they become psychologically ill and start taking revenge from other children.”

Fauzia also recommends that the parents must educate the children about basic sex education in early age. They must tell them that they should not be frank with servants, neigbours and strangers.

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