Don’t punish 220 million people for misdeeds of 200

Let’s go through some recent developments first to understand the disordered political and administrative situation of the country.

The Joint Opposition failed to stop approval of the federal budget after BNP (Mengal) opted to support the Treasury in National Assembly.

There are very slim chances for Asif Zardari, Mian Nawaz Sharif, Fariyal Talpur and other detained leaders of PPP and PML to get bails or being released till September as the judges of high courts and Supreme Court will go for annual vacations in August.

President of PML-N Punjab Rana Sanaullah has been arrested by the powerful Anti-Narcotics Force.

Dollar maintains its appreciation, crushing rupee and triggering a continuous wave of price-hike in Pakistan.

Gold prices are touching the highest ever prices in the history of Pakistan.

Pakistani Media highlights these issues regularly, ignoring the core issue of poverty and increasing economic suffocation in peoples’ life because this news will not earn them rating.

Prime Minister Imran Khan and his team declare economic mismanagement and corruption as the top causes of the current financial crunch and further burden of debts on Pakistan.

He might be right when says that few hundreds of people plundered Pakistan, and pledges that he won’t let them go unpunished.  The PM Khan must fulfil his promise but he should also screw up the plunderers, sitting in his party.

Secondly, all Pakistani pay tax on everything from a matchstick to car. They pay multiple taxes for using electricity. They pay the price of water with tax and still get undrinkable water. They pay taxes on medicines, and interestingly prices of medicines almost got double during last 10 months. Several middle-class patients, who used to buy medicines from private pharmacies, have given up buying the prescribed medicines and look for the cheaper substitute which is a big compromise for their health.

In short, Pakistanis can enjoy only one tax-free thing and that is breathing in open air.

Taxes are good for any country’s economy and since Pakistani are paying taxes on everything, it should have been a strong economy. But that’s not the case. Pakistan must be a market within markets with a credible industry that could increase the volume of its exports, and that might be an easy way to accelerate the economic growth.

Mr. Prime Minister please pay some attention to your promises like curtailing the government’s spending. Now, you have almost any army of ministers and advisors in the federal and provincial government. Either get rid of the cabinet of the elected members or the non-elected ‘friends.’ It will help you jettison some burden on the economy, And, one last thing, don’t punish 220 million people against the misdeed of few hundred persons. Otherwise, they are ready to come to the streets against the killing economic policies.

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