Dina Wadia, 98, New York

Dina Wadia, the only daughter of Mohammad Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai, passed away at her home in New York last month. She was 98. Wadia, who is the spitting image of Jinnah, was described in a media interview to be elegant and fragile; just like her father.

She was born on the night between August 14th and the 15th, 1919 in England, according to Stanely Wolpert’s book Jinnah of Pakistan. Fiercely guarding of her privacy, she rarely gave media interviews or allowed herself photographed.

Her marriage to Neville Wadia starined her relationship with her father. They both later patched up and wrote each other. She raised her family in Mumbai and her later home in New York.

Mother of two, Nusli and Diana, Dina later on admitted in a media interview that she was very close to her son and saw him every day. “When you want to see someone, you don’t have to stay with them. This is my choice. I never stay with my family,” she said. Dina came to Pakistan on two occasions: first on her father’s funeral and secondly on 2004 to and visited her father’s grave and watch a game of cricket between India and Pakistan. Her evasion for the media was also to avoid becoming a poster-child for poltical motives. She like her father was fond of Gandhi but has less admisation for Nehru, finding Sir Mountbatten as an untrustworthy person according to reports. Her son Nusli Wadia is a textile magnet in India and fondly admired for his grit, charm and character—representative of Jinnah’s ilk.

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