DRAP & Pharmaceutical mafia killing people with high-priced medicines

Lahore: Pakistani people, who have become an over-drugged society, keep suffering the conspiracies of
pharmaceutical mafia, assisted by doctors and Drug Reglatory Authority Pakistan (DRAP), as the recent
15-19 percent increase in the prices of medicines itself is killing patients. Pharmaceutical companies
have increased prices of several life-saving drugs up to 40 percent, Truth Tracker learnt through a
market survey.

It is also learnt that the patients from lower middle and lower class, are giving up taking some of the
medicines which are out of their reach or looking for cheap replacements that might be dangerous for

Ali Adnan, owner of a pharmacy in Lahore, told Truth Tracker, “It will be a joke to say that the
pharmaceutical companies have increased prices of medicines from 15 to 19 percent. They are the
mafia, the kings or untouchables. They can do anything. They raised prices according to their own
wishes and even doubled prices of some of the life-saving medicines like insulin.” “Patients or their
relatives come and abuse us when we give them the bills of their medicines. They believe that pharmacy
runners are the responsible for the medicines’ price-hike,” said Adnan.

Muhammad Saleem, a lock master, told Truth Tracker in a gloomy voice, “I spent my hard-earned
money for buying insulin for my wife. The price, before the recent increase, was Rs 7000 and now it is
15000 which is unaffordable for me. Now, she is using homeopathic medicines but does not feel well.”
A manager at a renowned pharmaceutical company, requesting for anonymity as he may lose his job
and even his life might be in danger, told Truth Tracker, “I have dealt with market, doctors and DRAP
and observed that all are working like a cartel. And, the major culprit is the DRAP which compromises
the standard procedures as the owners of pharmaceutical companies keep palming their grease and
some of the DRAP officials have their shares.”

He said, “DRAP does not conduct regular inspection and prepares bogus reports. The DRAP officials also
compromise the quality control. And above all, It becomes mouthpiece of pharmaceutical industry when
it comes to hike in the price of medicines and recommends for the desired increase.”

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