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Kabul: Firoza, a woman commonly known as Hajani, is an Afghan Local Police (ALP) commander in Sistani, a small town on the outskirts of Marjah, a district once considered a Taliban stronghold in southern Helmand province, has been fighting against Taliban for years. People of her locality call her Hajani to show her respect but


 Bannu: The love of weapons runs in the blood of tribesmen. It is reinforced by a traditional justice system that upholds an “eye for an eye” law. In the absence of government writ and courts, the culture of revenge serves as a deterrence to crimes and misdemeanours. But government security forces seem to have achieved


Lahore: Cultural patriarchy and ongoing lawlessness has driven a surge in the harassment of women online in Pakistan, say digital rights activists. Nighat Daad, head of the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF), said women experiencing harassment rarely report it. “Women are bearing online harassment and blackmailing, but seldom turn to external sources especially law enforcing agencies,”