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  Peshawar: Khyber Agency: After nearly a decade of turmoil, conflict, and displacement that robbed the region of culture and education, a group of young people in Khyber Agency have started a public library at Jamrud – the first in the agency. The youth say this is a significant development because of the threats to


Lahore: “Religious leaders have failed in their moral obligation to create awareness about climate change, scholars in a wide range of religions say. Pakistan was awakened to the adverse effects of climate change in 2011when a massive flood drowned nearly half of the country. Last year 1,200 people died in a heat wave in Karachi.


Lahore: In Pakistan, almost 93 percent women face sexual harassment of various forms but most of them are afraid to complain because responses are always stalled, according to rights organizations and activists. Since the inception of Anti-Harassment Act for Women Protection at Workplace passed in 2010, only 79 women have filed complaints to the ombudsman in


Bannu: When the Pakistan government announced a military operation against militants in North Waziristan on 15th June, 2014, over a million people left the tribal district helter-skelter to keep up with the deadline for evacuation. Thousands of the displaced found refuge in the neighbouring cities of Bannu, Lakki Marwat and Dera Ismail khan. Others wandered


Peshawar: The ongoing repatriation and deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan has not only compelled them to sell valuable property and businesses for very little but also abandon spouses with Pakistani nationality. Pakistani women married to Afghan men are in a fix as they don’t want to leave their families in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province


  Peshawar: Transgender woman Paro, 24, has been performing at weddings for nearly 12 years. Dancing at festive occasions is the only job she could find when her family threw her out for being transgender. It was also the only job she had the skill for when she left her home in Mansehra in Pakistan’s


Karachi: Pakistan’s religious parties are resisting the Sindh Government’s proposed bill for registration of religious seminaries after law enforcement agencies named 53 seminaries linked to militant groups and closed down another 167 unregistered ones. Sanaullah Abassi, a senior official of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) Sindh, told Truth Tracker, “Since implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) in


Peshawar: In September, India and Pakistan seemed on the brink of a war with clashes on the border, India claiming surgical strikes and Pakistan taking evidence of Indian oppression in Kashmir to the UN General Assembly. Yet a group of Pakistani youth were in India to make peace. “Youth are fed up with the old