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Findings of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), constituted to probe offshore companies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s children on the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan, has reverberated through Pakistan’s political system. The Supreme Court of Pakistan will review the report and come up with a final verdict in the Panama Papers Case. The JIT’s

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The recent JIT commission’s report did what it promised. After a rigorous investigative process, the commission shared its findings within the designated 60-day period. The commission findings have surprised many, not merely because of the perceived innocence of PML-N premiere and his family, but because a guilty verdict has never been justly awarded to the

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Parachinar has suffered four terrorist attacks during first six months of 2017 – after Pakistan launched Operation Radul Fassad to clean up the country of terrorism. The latest twin blasts that hit Parachinar June 23 at Toori Market claimed more than 70 lives. The sad chapter that followed was the clash between protesters and Frontier

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The end of the world is a subject that has scholars pondering across the world. Scientific research has devoted their time to the signs of apocalypse. A recent scientific research quoted numerous signs of apocalypse as asteroids impact, expansion of the sun, solar flares and, bursts from gamma rays, etc. The leaders of the world

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Pakistan, in the national and international context, is going through crucial times. Military and civil forces are not on the same page on numerous internal and external issues. The state has badly failed to provide a unanimous narrative to counter extremism while critical state institutions including the army, judiciary, executive and parliament have been unable


Not only the recent month has been grim for the Pakistani premier but the country’s international relations too are in a proverbial soup. The recent rift in the Middle East has bared the, erstwhile, latent faultlines. The Arab Monarchy has been criticised on the international horizon for coming out too strongly against the neighbouring Shiite


  It looks strange when an editorial writer ignores the major issues and focusses instead on apparently petty affairs. Ideally, Truth Tracker’s editorial for its current issue should have been about corruption cases against Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children, Pakistan’s role in Saudi Arabia – Iran conflict or the expected resignation of General


  There you have it. The significant-most agenda on Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar’s list, these days, is purging of social media and journalism from ‘trash.’ If any initiative can rival the issue of the JIT, it is this. What comes as a surprise is that despite the decades of social media and independent electronic journalism


The issue of the Dawn Leaks has been ‘settled,’ leaving quite a bitter aftertaste in the political broth. The sitting government has dealt with the Dawn Leaks commission report through the subsequent rolling of the heads as necessary measures to appease the growing suspense and tension arising from within the cadres of power. Notwithstanding the


“Journalists should ensure that they are not perceived as trying to influence the outcomes of a political conflict,” writes Professor Julianne Schultz, describing the role and duties of journalists in democratic states. Professor Schultz, founding editor of Griffith Review, an Australian journal for current affairs, describes in her book ‘Reviving the Fourth Estate: Democracy, Accountability