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The show of aggression among politicians is no news in Pakistan. In the history of national politics there is rarely any moment when we saw politicians following an ethical code of conduct and practicing the politics of coexistence while agreeing to disagree. World over, the democratic tradition has allowed politicians and their followers to compete

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Pakistan’s governing system is degenerating rapidly and threatens to cave in, because the state’s pillars are leaning the wrong way. Each one is needed to support a democratic society, but none are holding up their share of the weight. The parliament that is supposed to make laws for the betterment of people has become a

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Amid a strong wave of terrorism, mainstream parties in Pakistan have accelerated their political activities in preparation for Election 2018 in Pakistan. The current elected government will complete its tenure in June 2018 and election will be held anytime within 90 days after June 5, 2018. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, which holds federal government in Islamabad and provincial governments

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The last ten days have been violent. Pakistan finds itself in the throes of terrorist attacks. More than a 100 lives lost. Half a dozen cities targeted. Government officials wring their hands as questions are raised. The questions are crucial: how can peace prevail and how can security be guaranteed? Could it? There are a

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The recent libel ruling by the British court ordered a Pakistani media giant £3 million (PKR 400 million) in damages and costs for airing two dozen separate defamatory claims against rival media outlet and its proprietor. The media giant filed for bankruptcy to escape the fine. The court also revoked licenses of its 3 channels


 As these lines were being written on the evening of February 13, Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, suffered a suicide bombing that left 13 persons, including five police officials, dead and 83 injured. The bomber exploded himself near police officials who were engaged in negotiations with representatives of a pharmaceutical and medicine firm protesting against


The United States President, Donald Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises and concentrating on safeguarding the American interest. In the days since his inauguration, he is showing his people that he means every word he promised. In a bid to boost local manufacturing and lure offshore companies and jobs back to the U.S., President, Donald


The Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP), once reckoned amongst the most powerful street forces of the country and a representative of leftist ideology, faced another debacle on political and ideological fronts when it withdrew a law on January 7, 2017. The law, against forced conversions also known as the Criminal Law (Protection of Minorities) Bill, was


Freedom of expression and differences of opinion are basic components of the concept of democracy. A democratic government must protect these components. Unfortunately, various elements in Pakistan have been trying to muffle freedom of expression and difference of opinion for the last 70 years. But, Pakistan’s soil keeps producing intellectuals, poets, artists and writers who


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in the midst of a major probe for his children’s involvement in the Panama papers. This has resulted in a massive outburst from political parties in Pakistan, who are vehemently demanding to know why prime minister would hide and withhold major financial information from the election commission and the country.