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Editorial Section: Editorial: Ultimate rulers of our democracy are citizens Special Note: Pakistan’s foreign policy choices News Stories: The many guises of Pakistan High Commission UK Glaciers play havoc in Gilgit-Baltistan and so does government Biased leniency correlates to escalating harassment incidents in educational institutions Voices against misuse of blasphemy laws in Pakistan gradually rise TVET

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Editorial Section: Editorial: Pak-US cooperation in Afghanistan is indispensable Special Note: The American War News Stories: Sharif’s accusation jeopardizes civil-military relationship Lahore sees female head of police station after 15 years In absence of RTI Law, PATA and FATA remain information blackholes In Swat, authorities register smuggled vehicles for fear of use in terrorism Life tough

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Editorial Section: Editorial: Lesson: Don’t challenge after serving them Special Note: When the bell tolls News Stories: Pak top court verdict to oust PM adds to ruling party troubles ZIKA VIRUS might strike Karachi soon, warn experts Hindus in Peshawar in a futile bid to reopen closed temples False information over social media distressing users The underlying


Editorial Section: Editorial: Is there a soft coup at parliament’s door? Special Note: The end of innocence News Stories: No female doctors for women in South Waziristan Karachi is becoming final destination for climate refugees Sindh may face water-borne diseases’ outbreak Escalating violence against minor house-maids Teaching staff shortage in FATA to embolden extremist tendencies No