Blow Away the Cobwebs for A New Lease of Life

The government is ready to blow away the cobwebs for a new lease of life and decides to reform the civil services of Pakistan. It is a good move on the part of the government to revamp the old colonial mindset and introducing indigenously evolved system. It would be beneficial if reforms also introduced in other departments. Undoubtedly, corruption is an expletive in our society and cure is pertinent and sine qua non. We have to find the reasons why corruption usually becomes part of the system. If we uproot those seeds which give birth to corruption, would be capable of creating a liveable system:

  • There is a need for restriction on more than one term upon the leaders in every department. We have to start it from the top and go down to the bottom. No President, Prime minister, Chief Minister, Governor, Chief of Army Staff, Chief Justice in Pakistan can take the second term. We are just 71 years old and evolving ourselves as a nation. In nation building, we have to give chance to every capable individual. In the departments, no head of the department can take its second term. The terms of leading any department supposed to be regulated on rotation. On the horizontal level, even the most junior person can become a leader. It will give the opportunity to everyone to lead and enhance the efficiency level among the workers. It gives the system a great number of leaders. We usually see that when a capable leader gets retirement or met to his account, his space is hardly filled because of the absence of leadership since the outgoing leader did not give the opportunity to others to lead in any capacity. We have to work on it on an emergency basis pragmatically from top to bottom. The long term and seniority-based leadership is the real cause of corruption. Any leader or head of the department when stays at his position for more than one term become all in all and do arbitrary things. If the leader is incapable and comes through illegal means, he would start accruing incapable and sycophants around himself. Who would never challenge the inabilities of the leader?
  • Dynastic politics or ancestry appointments needs thoughtful attention to make our system more accomplished. Everyone has to come through set criteria and eligibility for any post. How come a president’s son can be the president. Everyone has to be vigilant that only merit and transparency is the criteria for appointment of the capable people instead of lineage. Dynastic and ancestral appointments at all level circumscribed the betterment. When the top position is specialized but the roots and middle parts are all inefficient thus failure is written on the wall. We need to understand that we have to put a full stop anywhere, enough is enough. No need to terminate all or make new appointments at once. We need to be watchful in all future appointments. It will take time to refresh the system but this is the only workable way out.
  • Specialized people in specialized services. For example, in politics from President, Prime ministers to all minister levels members of cabinet supposed to be from relevant departments. All departments must have specialized ministers. Unfortunately, sometimes, we observe that there are specialized people in specialized departments but still no development. In the health department, we have specialized people in Shahbaz Sharief and in the PTI governments but no productive results so far. Until or unless we replace monopolization with merit and transparency failure is natural. We have specialized people in the judiciary, and medicines but still corruption is deep-rooted in both departments. Although judiciary has specialization yet the absence of accountability, merit and transparency make the system dysfunctional. Contempt of court is a colonial mindset and promotes injustice instead of justice. After scrupulous investigation, the judiciary needs accountability and termination of contempt of court. It promotes injustice instead of justice. The students become doctors to avoid social stigma instead of inclination towards the profession. It causes corruption in health affairs.
  • Our economic system is monopolized and concentration of wealth is in few hands. It needs to be regulated according to the capabilities, skills, and talent of the individuals. Traditional wealth is earning more rate of growth and people with skills are their slaves. Unskilful masters are goofs but sitting at the top and doing nothing. It is harming economic activity in the country. The inequality is increasing owing to the un-natural lacuna between haves and have-nots. In Pakistan, mostly the rich people are those who are usually uneducated, unskillful and corrupt by nature. No accountability at the state level, how they are living a lavish lifestyle without any source of livelihood? Absence of accountability, transparency, and merit are basic reasons for all types of corruption.
  • Ideological blackmailing and imposition of chauvinistic religious ideas upon others are undermining the very nature of Pakistan. State ignores its duties. It is natural, so-called Ulema, fill the vacuum. It is the only state has to appoint scholars in Masjids through public service commissions as people are recruited in other departments. The state has to take this responsibility to harmonize society on the basis of ideology. Scholars supposed to make people learn tolerance through the Quran and Sunna. Ijtihad is the cure of all ills for the contemporary world. Therefore, the government has to make a Council for Ijtihad with the recruitment process from all segments of society on merit and transparency. Accountability of scholars is a prerequisite trough Supreme Islamic Judicial Council that is, unfortunately, a docile body. It needs its refreshed form with the appointment of new scholars through the above-mentioned criteria.
  • Above all, our education system is absolutely un-academic. It is comprised of certificates in cheating (Matriculation, intermediate, Bachelors, Honors, Masters, Philosophers, Doctors, etc) and not on grooming of behaviors as an essence of education. All certificate holders cheat according to their standards. It is creating more cunning, clever and argumentative corrupt society. All corrupt people are educated but all educated people are not corrupt. We need to harmonize our system with the grooming of behaviours instead of competition. Competition is always an unhealthy trend among individuals. Every individual is unique and has the best qualities in himself. We waste his talent and qualities through competition. It promotes deprivation among them and leads to migration of dreams. We are born equal, groomed in an unequal way. Therefore, unequally groomed people may not be harnessed in the same cart. Although there are specialized educationists but without accountability and merit yet no transparency. I emphasize the government please shut down all the educational institutions and transform them into Schools for Learning about Life (SLAL). I can provide the government about this concept as I have done the homework on this concept and white paper is ready to present at any level. My services will be as a volunteer for creating SLAL in Pakistan. We need teachers instead of cheaters to create a society where everyone is respected for his unique qualities instead of discarding anyone for not having certificates of cheating others.

The Way Forward

We need a preference to make the system right. The leaders have to start from themselves. They need to make themselves accountable before the people for their promises and their accomplishments after four or five years’ term in office. We are of just 70 years need consistency, stability, and commitment at the individual level. Gradually, people will start thinking and learning that we need to give space to others. It will enhance respect for each other and give way to tolerance in our society. Making reforms in central superior services is a good gesture but it will work when we worked on all other relevant departments and institutions. Therefore, as prescribed in my previous article, specialization of functions and division of labor is the call of the day to make the system workable.

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