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Promise Tracking

Promise Pakistan People’s Party had promised in its 2013 manifesto to provide clean drinking water to every citizen. Background The Sindh government has been on the crosshair for not providing safe drinking water to the residents of Sindh. Karachi in particular has been the target of a water crisis.  When things got out of hand,

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Promise The PML-N had promised in its 2013 manifesto that increased employment opportunities for qualified doctors would be provided by constructing more hospitals, and extending soft term loans on easy instalments for private practice. Background Other than a slight improvement in health facilities, the Punjab government has done almost nothing to bring about comprehensive change.

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Editorial Section

PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified by the Supreme Court of Pakistan on ethical grounds.  Constitutional and legal experts term this a controversial verdict. Sharif now tells people that he has not been disqualified on corruption charges but for minor reasons like taking salary from his son’s company. In sugar-coated words, he indicates that

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The bell has tolled and the Sharif clan’s house of cards hangs in mid air. How Pakistan feels? Sad and jubilant. Sad, because the democratic process has derailed yet again. Nawaz Sharif was the 13 th prime minister of Pakistan, none of whom completed their democratic electoral terms. Jubilant, because the values of democracy have

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Findings of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), constituted to probe offshore companies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s children on the order of Supreme Court of Pakistan, has reverberated through Pakistan’s political system. The Supreme Court of Pakistan will review the report and come up with a final verdict in the Panama Papers Case. The JIT’s