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Promise: Sindh assembly ever first passed law “The Sindh Consumer Protection Act, 2014” to establish consumer courts in all districts of Sindh on 20th February 2015. Government of Sindh pledged in the draft of bill that after formal assent by governor of Sindh, the act would be enforced at once throughout the province. Around two

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Promise Pakistan People’s Party promised in its 2013 manifesto to use the green economy framework to achieve sustainable development. Background According to the Global Climate Change Index, Pakistan ranks as the seventh most vulnerable country to climate change. The country is predicted to lose $3.8 billion in the long-term. Besides destroying our agriculture with its

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Editorial Section

Pakistan has come at serious crossroads. It is imperative that a clear narrative is constructed and followed by the state and society about the significance of our children’s protection. Zainab Ansari’s case seems to have flooded all restraints of pretention and shame. Pretention by the law enforcement and media involves sweeping the issue under the

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Chief Justice of Pakistan is in the limelight these days because of his stormy actions and decisions. He wants to remind federal and provincial governments their duties of public service. His predecessor Iftikhar Chaudhry had done the same but could not make any difference. The only thing he earned was the reputation of a controversial

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Pakistan has been witnessing judiciary’s activism against politicians since its inception. Pakistani politicians are perceived as ‘Rogue elephants’ and are always in the line of fire under generals, judges and the media. The history of politicians’ victimisation by judiciary and generals, especially during military dictatorships in Pakistan, goes a long way back. Victimisation was at

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