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Promise PML-N has promised in its 2013 manifesto that when in power it would launch the Women Entrepreneurship Financing Scheme to promote women entrepreneurship. Background State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) Governor Tariq Bajwa launched in August 2017 a refinance and credit guarantee scheme for women entrepreneurs in underserved areas. He said at the inauguration ceremony

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Promise Pakistan People’s Party had promised in its 2013 manifesto to promote cultural and entertainment venues such as art galleries, theatres, cinemas, exhibition halls, fair and festival grounds, parks and playing fields and libraries. Background When it comes to working on the promotion and development of cultural activities our government becomes zombies.  Pakistan, where health

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Editorial Section

US Congress has recently announced a change in the National Defence Authorisation Act 2018, NDAA 18, that no longer requires US Secretary of Defence to certify that Pakistan has used military operations to quell the activities of Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and the Haqqani network. The new version of the NDAA18 requires Pakistan to focus on quashing

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The right to know is a fundamental right belonging to citizens in a democracy. The people of Pakistan are also keen to know about several facts, which have been buried by the ruling elite for various reasons. People want to read the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report to know the real reasons behind ‘Fall of Dhaka,’

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The standing of democracy in Pakistan has always been under debate. Local and international sages believe that democracy in Pakistan is controlled by the military establishment therefore it is a ‘controlled democracy.’ However, every army chief of Pakistan tries to dispel this impression by saying that he strongly believes in democracy and does not interfere

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